Unitron Hearing Aid MOXI2 Hearing Aid user manual

Etention piece - helps prevent the dome and wire from moving out of the ear canal

Speaker unit - amplifies the sound and sends it directly into the ear canal

Custom mold - holds the hearing aids in place and contains the speaker unit

Hearing aids should only be used as directed by your physician or hearing healthcare professional.

Hearing aids will not restore normal hearing and will not prevent or improve a hearing impairment resulting from organic conditions.

Do not use your hearing aids in explosion hazard areas.

Allergic reactions to hearing aids are unlikely.

However, if you experience itching, redness, soreness, inflammation or a burning sensation in or around your ears, inform your hearing healthcare professional and contact your physician.

In the unlikely case that any parts remain in the ear canal after the removal of the hearing aid, contact a physician immediately.

Remove your hearing aids for CT and

MRI scans or for other electromagnetic procedures.

Special care should be exercised in wearing hearing aids when maximum sound pressure levels exceed 132 decibels. There may be a risk of impairing your remaining hearing. Speak with your hearing healthcare professional to ensure the maximum output of your hearing aids is suitable for your particular hearing loss.

Magnet warnings

Be sure the magnet is securely affixed to the telephone.

Keep loose magnets out of reach of children

If the magnet falls into your ear, contact your hearing healthcare professional.

If the magnet is swallowed, contact your physician immediately.

The magnet may affect some medical devices or electronic systems. Always keep the magnet (or the telephone equipped with the magnet) at least 30 cm (12) away from pacemakers, credit cards, floppy disks or other magnetically sensitive devices.

Too high distortion during dialing or phoning may