Troy-Bilt 645AMBRONCO Tiller User Manual

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The engine manufacturer is responsible for all engine-related issues with regard to performance, power-rating, specifications, warranty and service. Please refer to the engine manufacturer's Owner's/Operator's Manual, packed separately with your unit, for more information.


Under California law, and under the laws of several other states, you are not permitted to operatean internal combustion engine using hydrocarbon fuels on any forest, brush, hay, grain, or grass covered land; or land covered by any flammable agricultural crop without an engine spark arrester in continuous effective working order.

The engine on the unit is an internal combustion engine which burns gasoline, a hydrocarbon fuel, and must be equipped with a spark arrester muffler in continuous effective working order. The spark attester must be attached to the engine exhaust system in such a manner that flames or heatfrom the system will not ignite flammable material. Failureof the owner/operator of the unit to comply with this regulation is a misdemeanor under California law (and other states) and may also be a violation of other state and/or federal regulations, laws, ordinances or codes. Contact your local fire marshal or forest service for specific information about which regulations apply in your area.

1. Carefully read this

Owner's Manual, the separate Engine Owner's

Manual, and any other literature you may receive. Be thoroughly familiar with the controls and the proper use of the tiller and its engine. Know how to stop the unit and disengagethe controls quickly.

2. Never allow children to operate the tiller. Never allow adults to operatethe tiller without proper instruction.

3. Keepthe area of operation clear of all persons, particularly children and pets.

4. Keep in mind that the operator or user is responsible for accidents or hazards occurring to other people,their property, and themselves.


1. Thoroughly inspect the area where the tiller is to be used and remove all foreign

2. Be sure all tiller controls are released and both wheels are in the Wheel Drive position before starting the engine.

3. Do not operatethe tiller without wearing adequate outer garments. Avoid loose garments or jewelry that could get caught in movi