Troy-Bilt 643D Tiller user manual


This machine meets voluntary safety standard B71.8 1996, which is sponsored by the

Outdoor Power Equipment Institute, Inc., and is published by the American National

Standards Institute.

Forward Clutch Bail

Reverse Clutch Control

(Models 643B & 645A)

Depth Regulator

The engine exhaust from this product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm.

Tine Hood Flap

Safety Alert Symbol

This is a safety alert symbol. It is used in this manual and on the unit to alert you to potential hazards. When you see this symbol, read and obey the message that follows it. Failure to obey safety messages could result in personal injury or property damage.

1. Carefully read this Owners Manual, the separate

Engine Owners Manual, and any other literature you may receive.

Be thoroughly familiar with the controls and the proper use of the tiller and its engine. Know how to stop the unit and disengage the controls quickly.

2. Never allow children to operate the tiller.

Never allow adults to operate the tiller without proper instruction.

3. Keep the area of operation clear of all persons, particularly children and pets.

4. Keep in mind that the operator or user is responsible for accidents or hazards occurring to other people, their property, and themselves.


1. Thoroughly inspect the area where the

tiller is to be used and remove all foreign

2. Be sure all tiller controls are released and both wheels are in the Wheel Drive position before starting the engine.


Wheel Drive Pin

Figure 1-1: Tiller features and controls. See separate Engine Owners Manual to identify engine controls.

3. Do not operate the tiller without wearing adequate outer garments. Avoid loose garments or jewelry that could get caught in moving parts.