SATA35252X Computer Drive user manual


3.5 Bay to Dual 2.5 SATA HDD Adapter

Holds one or two 2.5 SATA hard drives

Occupies a single 3.5 drive slot

Includes 4-pin HDD to SATA power cable

Board Indent


WARNING! Computer equipment can be severely damaged by static electricity. Be sure that you are properly you wear an anti-static strap when installing any computer component. If an anti-static strap is unavailable, discharge yourself of any static electricity build-up by touching a large grounded metal surface (such as the computer case) for several seconds. Be sure to handle your hard drive carefully and consult your hard drive and laptop manufacturer for details on how to remove the drive.

Single Drive Installation

1. Place the 2.5 hard drive on a flat, stable surface, label side down.

2. Place SATA35252X on top of the drive, such that the plastic fastening tabs are facing down, and the hard

drive mounting screw holes are aligned with the appropriate holes provided by SATA35252X.

Please note the drive outline that is printed on the board - by installing the drive within this spacing, the

drive interface is allowed to overhang the indent in the board, facilitating connectivity.

3. Fasten SATA35252X to the drive, using the screws provided. Once the drive has been secured to

SATA35252X, fasten SATA35252X (with drive installed) to a 3.5 drive slot, as you would a standard 3.5

drive, by threading the drive screws into the holes on the mounting tabs.

Dual Drive Installation

1. Gently remove the stacking rails (shown on reverse), one at a time, from the main board.

2. Position one of the stacking rails so that the length of the rail is parallel with the side of the first drive you

wish to mount, and the screw holes are suitably aligned with holes provided by the board, with the drive

label facing upward.

Repeat step #2 on the other side of the drive, positioning the remaining stacking rail in an identical fashion, parallel to the first stacking rail. Be sure to use the bottom holes on both sides).

Repeat steps #2 and #3 with a second drive, using the remaining screw holes.

Once the drives have been secured to the stacking rails, place the (now joined) hard drives on a flat, stable surface, label side down. Position the SATA35252X main board over the drives (mounting brackets facing down), ensuring proper alignment with the screw holes on the board in relation to those provided by the (bottom) drive, as well as with the drive interface connectors and the board indent.

Fasten the SATA3525X main board to the base of the (bottom) drive, using the provided screws.

Attach SATA35252X (with drives installed) to a 3.5 drive slot, as you would a standard 3.5 drive, by threading the drive screws into the holes on the mounting tabs (as opposed to those found on the side of a standard 3.5 drive).

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