SpectraLink H340 Cordless Telephone user manual


The Display

Startup Sequence

Handset Modes

NetLink Wireless Telephone Displays

4. NetLink Wireless Telephone Configuration

The Admin Menu

User-defined Preferences

5. License Management


Configuration Process

6. Mitel Networks VoIP Integration Factors

7. Feature Programming

Feature Assignment

Feature Access

8. Testing a Handset

9. Diagnostic Tools

Run Site Survey

Diagnostics Mode

Syslog Mode

10. Certifying the NetLink Wireless Telephones

Conducting a Site Survey

11. Software Maintenance

Upgrading NetLink Wireless Telephones

12. Troubleshooting NetLink Wireless Telephone Problems

Access Point Problems

Configuration Problems

NetLink Wireless Telephone Status Messages

SpectraLink Corporation

Configuration and AdministrationNetLink e340/i640 Wireless Telephone

Mitel Networks 3300 and SX-200 ICP and 5220 IP Phone emulation

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