Sony SSC-MD33VCE Security Camera user manual

PA L / C C I R

Fixed Mini Dome Camera

SSC Series






The SSC-CD73VP and SSC-CD43VP are the latest additions to

Sonys fixed mini dome colour camera line up. More discreet than non-dome security cameras, these dome cameras are ideal for surveillance sites such as building entrances, retail stores and shopping malls, where less noticeable video cameras are preferred.

In addition to their discreetness, Sony mini domes feature a sleek, triangular design that fits smartly and installs easily into any surveillance environment.

Sonys extensive line up of mini domes offer a wide variety of options to choose from - offering choice and flexibility to fit users requirements.

The new SSC-CD73VP camera incorporates a Day/Night function to capture high-quality, colour images during the day and clear, black and white (B/W) images at night. Ideal for outdoor applications, the ruggedized model is equipped with heavy duty enclosure that features an Ingress Protection Rating of IP66.

The SSC-CD43VP features a non-ruggedized housing which is ideally suited for indoor use. Rounding out the line up are two

B/W models - the SSC-MD53VCE featuring a ruggedized housing and the SSC-MD33VCE with its non-ruggedized housing.

All models incorporate a 1/4 type Super HAD CCD offering high resolution and high sensitivity, and a built-in auto iris vari-focal lens that covers a wide range of viewing angles. As for their power source, all models accept both DC 12 V and AC 24 V for proper operation and flexible installation.

Sonys line up of feature-rich mini dome cameras provides an extensive selection of choices for a wide range of surveillance applications.

High Picture Quality

Ruggedized Design


All Sony mini domes incorporate a 1/4 type

Super HAD CCD for high horizontal resolution and excellent sensitivity. The SSC-CD73VP colour camera provides a high resolution of

480 TV lines and operates under a minimum illumination of 0.9 lx (colour mode)/0.2 lx

(B/W mode)*1. The SSC-CD43VP colour camera also provides a high resolution of 480 TV lines and features a minimum illumination of

0.8 lx*1. The black and white SSC-MD53VCE and SSC-MD33VCE cameras offer a horizontal resolution of 570 TV lines and a minimum illumination of 0.4 lx*2.

*1 AGC On, F1.0, 50IRE

*2 AGC On, F1.4, 50IRE

Day/Night Function (SSC-CD73VP)

The SSC-CD73VP offers a Day/Night function to provide optimized sensitivity in both day and night shooting scenarios. As the scene illumination reduces and the acquired image darkens, the infrared cut filter is automatically removed and the camera switches to B/W mode, requiring only a minimum illumination of

0.2 lx. Incorporating an optimized lens for

Day/Night function, the camera can produce clear and crisp image under normal illumination or when used with near IR illuminators. In addition, Day/Night modes can be automatically switched, or manually initiated on demand through an external control signal.

The SSC-CD73VP and SSC-MD53VCE mini domes are housed in a heavy duty aluminum diecast enclosure with a durable polycarbonate viewing window which complies with the IP66 standard. The extremely durable camera enclosure can withstand strong, external impacts and is equipped with anti-theft screws to further deter tampering and vandalism.

Built-in CS Mount,

Auto Iris Vari-Focal Lens


The SSC-CD73VP and SSC-CD43VP mini domes come with a built-in CS mount, auto iris varifocal lens with a focal length of 3.0 to 8.0 mm to cover a broad range of viewing choices

(see Fig. 1) and feature a new masked dome cover with a clear slit. This versatile and powerful lens compensates the focal length difference between visible light and infrared light. The result is clear, crisp images (subject remains in focus) when going from visible to infrared light and vice versa. a (Panning): 150 b (Tilting): 75 c (Rotating): 150

66.6 (wide)

27 (tele)

Fig. 1 Horizontal angle of view (SSC-CD73VP)

Fig. 2 Adjustment range of lens angle

Ceiling Flush Mount (SSC-CD43VP)

*Optional YT-ICB43V in-ceiling bracket is required.

Ceiling Surface Mount (SSC-CD43VP)

Easy Mounting and Installation


Picture adjustment after installation is easy thanks to the incorporated lens. The position of the mini domes vari-focal lens can be freely rotated to allow for quick and easy changes in the viewing area after installation. (see Fig. 2)

The AGC (Automatic Gain Control) function boosts the cameras video gain so that subjects under low illumination can be distinguished clearly. The AGC mode for the SSC-MD53VCE and SSC-MD33VCE mini domes is switchable from Turbo AGC (up to 24 dB)/Normal AGC (up to 18 dB) or Off. The SSC-CD73VP and

SSC-CD43VP mini domes are switchable from

Turbo AGC (up to 24 dB) or Off.

External Sync Line Lock (for AC only)

All of these mini dome camera