Sony MHC-GNX700 Stereo System user manual

Power Saving Mode

Changing the spectrum analyzer

display ...

Adjusting the brightness of the

display ...

Changing the power illuminator ...

Viewing information about the disc

in the display ...

Optional Components

Hooking up optional components...

Listening to audio from a connected

component ...

Recording on a connected

component ...


Problems and remedies...


Additional Information



List of button locations and reference

Discs that this system cannot

About this manual

The instructions in this manual are for models MHC-GNX900, MHC-GNX780,

MHC-GNX880, MHC-GNX800 and

MHC-GNX700. In this manual, the

MHC-GNX880 is used for illustration purposes unless stated otherwise.

This manual mainly explains operations using the buttons on the unit, but the same operations can also be performed using the buttons on the remote having the same or similar names or symbols.

Playable discs

You can play back the following discs on this system. Other discs cannot be played back.

List of playable discs


(Audio CDs/

CD Graphics

(CDG)*/Discs with MP3 audio

CD Graphics

* MHC-GNX880/GNX780 only

CD-ROMs other than those has MP3 audio tracks that conforms to ISO 9660a) Level 1,

Level 2, Joliet in expansion format.

CD-Rs/CD-RWs other than those recorded in the following formats:

audio CD format

data CD format with MP3 audio track in