SONY DSC-S90 Digital Camera user manual

Set the clock with the control button.

2005 / 1 /

Even if the CHARGE lamp is not lit, the battery charger is not disconnected from the AC power


The camera records/plays back images using the internal memory (32 MB). t Users Guide/

Troubleshooting (page 23)

1 Select the date display format with v/V, then press z.

Connect the power code

(mains lead).

Connect the battery charger to an easily accessible wall outlet (wall socket) close by. source (mains) as long as it is connected to the wall outlet (wall socket). If some trouble occurs while using the battery charger, immediately shut off the power by disconnecting the plug from the wall outlet (wall socket).

When charging is finished, disconnect the power cord (mains lead) from the wall outlet (wall socket), and remove the Nickel-Metal Hydride batteries from the battery charger.

2 Select each item with b/B and set the numeric value with v/V, then press z.

Select the image size for use

Select a mode.

Still image:

Nickel-Metal Hydride battery

Charging time

NH-AA-DA2 (supplied with DSC-S90/S80)

Approx. 6 hours

2005 / 1 /

(77F). Charging may take longer under certain circumstances or conditions.

The CHARGE lamp may remain lit longer than six hours, but this is not a malfunction.

Refer to Users Guide/Troubleshooting

(separate volume)

Explains advanced techniques and what to do if you experience trouble with your camera.

2005 Sony Corporation Printed in Japan

2005 / 1 /

Match 3/# and insert.

Cyber-shot Station (DSC-ST80)

Cyber-shot Station CSS-SA (1)

A/V connecting cable (1)

USB cable (1)

AC Adaptor AC-LS5 (1)

Power cord (mains lead) (1)

USB, A/V cable for multi-use terminal (1) (DSC-S90/S80/S60)

Rechargeable battery pack (NPNH25) (1)

Operating Instructions Cybershot Station (1)

HR6 (size AA) Nickel-Metal

Battery case (1)

Hydride batteries (2) (DSC-S90/S80)


R6 (size AA) alkaline batteries (2) (DSC-S60)

A Memory Stick is not

The camera has the own internal memory (32 MB), however, purchase of a Memory Stick is recommended.

CD-ROM (Cyber-shot application software) (1)

Operating instructions for digital still camera Read This First (this manual) (1)

Operating instructions Users Guide/

Troubleshooting (1)

Additional information on this product and answers to frequently asked questions can be found at our Customer Support Website.

The screen above is for still images.

For movies, select [640(Fine)] (Memory Stick

PRO only), [640(Standard)] or [160].

(Image Size) to complete the setting.

To change the date and time

You can use HR 15/51:HR6 (size AA) Nickel-Metal Hydride batteries/R6 (size AA) alkaline batteries/battery pack NP-NH25/ZR6 (size AA) Oxy Nickel Primary Battery. t Users

Guide/Troubleshooting (page 93) t Users Guide/Troubleshooting (page 55)

Using the AC Adaptor

You can connect the camera using the AC-LS5K AC Adaptor (not supplied). t Users Guide/

Troubleshooting (page 15). Refer to the operating instructions supplied with the AC Adaptor.

To check the remaining battery time

Press POWER to turn on and check the time on the LCD screen.

Select [Clock Set] in the

(Setup) screen and perform the procedure in step 3 above.

On still image sizes

For details on the image size t Users Guide/Troubleshooting (page 13)

Image size


On the clock display

4M (23041728)

(the default setting)

For printing high density images in A4 or

No. of images

If you selected [D/M/Y] in step 3-1, set the time on a 24-hour cycle.

Midnight is indicated as 12:00 AM, and noon as 12:00 PM.

3:2 (23041536)*

3M (20481536)

When turning on the power

1M (1280960)