Sony D-CJ506CK Portable CD Player user manual

Emphasizing the bass sound (SOUND) .... 17

Protecting your hearing (AVLS) ...

Locking the controls (HOLD) ...

Turning off the operation beep sound ...

Turning off the LCDs backlight ...

Getting started

Locating the controls

For details, see pages in parentheses.

CD player (front)

1 i (headphones) jack (page 6)

8 . (AMS/search) button

2 OPEN button

9 N >* (play, AMS/ search) button

(pages 6, 7) q; Strap holes

3 VOLUME control

4 FOLDER /+ buttons qa DC IN 4.5 V

(external power input) jack qs x (stop) button

(pages 7, 19)

5 MENU button

(pages 11 - 14)

6 DISPLAY button

(pages 15, 16)

(pages 9, 11 - 15, 17, 18)

*The button has a tactile dot. qd HOLD switch qf SOUND button

(pages 17, 18)

CD player (inside) qh Battery compartment

(pages 23)

Getting started qg G-PRO (G-PROTECTION) switch

CD player (rear)

Playing an audio CD or MP3 files

You can also use the dry batteries and house current (AC power adaptor) as a power source.

1. Connect your CD player.

Car cassette deck

1 Connect the car connecting pack.

2 Connect the car battery cord.

Turn down the volume of the car cassette deck before inserting the car connecting pack. to a cigarette lighter socket connecting

Car battery


2. Insert a CD.

1 Press OPEN to open the lid.

3. Play a CD.

Press N >.

2 Place the CD on the tray and close

Adjust the volume.

You can also adjust the volume on the car cassette deck.

Play (from