Sony CMD-J5 Cell Phone User Manual



Ver 1.2 2001.05


Signalling format

Frequency range

GSM power class

DCS power class

Channel spacing

Number of channels

Frequency stability

RF output power

Battery life


E-GSM 900 MHz, Transmit:

880 ~ 915 MHz

925 ~ 960 MHz

DCS 1800 MHz, Transmit:

1710 ~ 1785 MHz

1805 ~ 1880 MHz

Class 4 (2W)

Class 1 (1W)

3V and 5V Pluggable mini SIM card

High resolution full graphics display

4 Grey-scale type

Resolution: 96 x 92 pixels

9 lines, proportional font

E-GSM: 174

Transmit frequency drift (synchronized)

Standby : 30h -150h standard battery

Talk time : 2h15 - 6h standard battery

123 mm x 42 mm x 15 mm



Power requirements

Operating temperature

Accessories operating temperature


Supplied accessories

Optional accessories

3.9 V (nominal)

-10C to +55C

0C to +45C

External RF connector

Bottom Connector (12-pin flat I/O connector)

Mini plug head set jack

AC Adapter

Battery (std.)

Battery (std.)

This device contains electrostatically sensitive components. Damage can occur to these components if the appropriate handling is not adhered to.

ESD Handling precautions:

A working area in which Digital Cellular Telephones may be safely handled without undue risk of damage from electrostatic discharge must be available.

The area must be equipped as follows:

All working surfaces must have a dissipative bench mat, safe for use with live equipment, connected via 1.2M resistor to a common ground point.

A quick release skin contact device with a flexible cord, which has a built-in safety resistor of a range between 5.2K and 1.2M shall be used. The flexible cord must be attached to a dissipative earth point.

All containers and storage must be of the conductive type.


Specifications (see Cover sheet)

General Descriptions

2.1 Multi Band . 04

2.2 Radio Frequency Power Levels .... 05

2.3 Speech Codec . 05

2.4 Languages . 05

2.5 Battery Charging .. 06

2.6 Battery Safety 06

2.7 Battery Capacity ... 06

2.8 Accessory Interface ..... 07

Operating Instructions

3.1 The Basic Features of the CMD-J16 .....08

3.2 Security Codes ..09

3.3 Icon Glossary 10

3.4 Menu Overview . 10


4.1 Disassembly .. 11-12

4.2 Interface to GSM-Tester ..13

4.3 Jigs and Tools 14

Programming Instructions

5.1 Requirement ..15

5.2 Hardware Set-up .....