Silicon Laboratories F321DC Computer Accessories user manual


4. Getting Started

The necessary software to download, debug and communicate with the target microcontroller must be downloaded communicate with the target microcontroller:

Silicon Laboratories Integrated Development Environment (IDE)

Keil Demonstration Tools

ToolStick Terminal application

The Keil Demo Toolset includes a compiler, assembler, and linker. See Section 5.2.2. Keil Demonstration C51 C

Compiler for more details about the demo tools. ToolStick Terminal communicates with the target microcontroller's

UART through the ToolStick Base Adapter. It can also read/write the two GPIO pins available on the ToolStick Base

Configuration Wizard 2

Keil uVision2 and uVision3 Drivers

The software described above is provided in several download packages. The ToolStick download package includes example code, documentation, including users guides and data sheets, and the ToolStick Terminal application. The IDE, Keil Demonstration Tools, Configuration Wizard 2, and the Keil Vision Drivers are available as separate downloads. After downloading and installing these packages, see the following sections for information.

5. Software Overview

5.1. Silicon Laboratories IDE

The Silicon Laboratories IDE integrates a source code editor, source-level debugger, and an in-system Flash programmer. See Section 6. ToolStick C8051F321 Daughter Card Features Demo for detailed information on how to use the IDE. The Keil Demonstration Toolset includes a compiler, linker, and assembler and easily integrates into the IDE. The use of third-party compilers and assemblers is also supported.

5.1.1. IDE System Requirements

The Silicon Laboratories IDE requirements:

Pentium-class host PC running Microsoft Windows 2000 or newer.

One available USB port.

5.1.2. 3rd Party Toolsets

The Silicon Laboratories IDE has native support for many 8051 compilers. The full list of natively supported tools is:





Please note that the demo applications for the C8051F321 Daughter Card are writte