SEM HD55 Utility Trailer user manual

Access to the resolver. With the above test plug connected to the feedback connector, link pins R1 to S3 & pins R2 to S2. Connect a signal generator (approx 5V 6kHz) between pins R1 and R2. Connect an AC voltmeter between pins S1 and R2.

At the power connector, link motor phase pins V and W and then connect a low voltage dc supply to motor phases at power connector pins U (+ve) and V+W (-ve). Adjust this voltage to give between 25% and 100% of motor rated current thereby causing the motor to turn to a preferred position.

Slacken the 3 screws holding the resolver stator and then rotate it until the voltmeter gives a maximum reading. Reconnect the AC voltmeter to pins S4 and R2. Make a small final adjustment of the resolver stator to get a minimum reading. Retighten the screws, disconnect the test socket, the supplies, the voltmeter and links, let the brake (if used) be re-applied.

Attach the protective shield (if fitted) to the resolver and fix the enclosing cover (18) to the NDE cover in accordance with marks made in operation 2.3.

The following relationships must be marked with a marker pen or other suitable method before dismantling.

Drive end (DE) cover (A) to motor body (B).

Non-drive end cover (D) to motor body (C).

Enclosing Cover (18) to non-drive end (NDE) cover (17).

Prior to resolver dismantling, mark outside end faces of resolver stator

(4) and resolver rotor (3)

DISMANTLING THE MOTOR the end cover and the gasket.

For Sagem resolver this must be removed prior to dismantling of the motor, proceed as per instructions for tacho removal, for any other manufacturer check with SEM for instructions. bearings (10 & 8), resolver rotor (3) and spacer (5). Remove circlip rotor (3) use bearing extractor tool behind the shoulder on spacer (5); the bearing can then be withdrawn. Handle the resolver assembly with great care at all times.

Disconnection sequence. PIN REMOVAL TOOL REQUIRED available from SEM Ltd. Both connectors (23 & 27) must be removed socket forward to allow access to connector pins. Withdraw the connector pins using the pin removal tool. Pull wires through from feedback connector (23) to clear screw acc