Sanyo HR-4UTG-4BP Power Supply User Manual

Rechargeable Batteries

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eneloop is ready to use straight from the packet

Save money & protect the environment eneloop combines the advantages of rechargeable and alkaline batteries.

SANYO has drastically reduced the self-discharge effect for eneloop and consequently offers optimum energy storage of 85% of the capacity still available after 12 months. Subsequently eneloop was the first rechargeable battery to be supplied charged when you buy it. timesakes 4 pictu s many digitas in

Take up to four times as many pictures with your digicam using eneloop.





Size AA - 2000mAh Capacity

8 Batteries per Pack

Size AA - 2000mAh Capacity

4 Batteries per Pack

Size AAA - 800mAh Capacity

4 Batteries per Pack

Size AA - 2000mAh Capacity - 4 Batteries per Pack

Size AAA - 800mAh Capacity - 4 Batteries per Pack

Do you use your digital camera with expensive single use batteries? Switch to eneloop, and you could be taking up to 4 times as many pictures. Especially in applications with high power needs, eneloop is far superior to alkaline batteries. Thanks to eneloop, you wont have to keep changing your camera batteries. eneloop impresses with extended service life.




USB Travel Charger

& 2 AA Batteries

USB Travel Charger

& 2 AAA Batteries

Retains 85% of the power after a year just charge and leave until you need them!

4x AA batteries, 4xAAA batteries, Quick

Charger, C and D size battery adapters eneloop - combining cost efficiency and environmental compatibility.

Certainly the clearest advantage of eneloop over disposable batteries is that it can be recharged 1,000 times and then recycled. For example, if you discharge eneloop once a week and then recharge it, youll have

19 years of use. In the long run, this is not only more economical, it also avoids the problematic waste presented by 1,000 batteries.



Quick Charger

& 2 AA Batteries

4 Piece Overnight Charger

& 4 AA Batteries

Size C Adaptor

2 Adaptors per Pack

Size D Adaptor

2 Adaptors per Pack