Sanyo 42LH2WP Car Video System User Manual

Superb dustproof and waterproof per formance, allowing them to be ins talled and operated in outdoor locations, where the panel is subject to rain, or in harsh e nvironments that include me tal and dust particles.

Note: See page 9 for details.

A n IP66 dus tproof and w aterproof rating for durability in hars h w eather s uch as heavy rain and dus t s torm s .

C E 52LH2WP / C E 42LH2WP

Dustproof test

Robust Displays

W aterproof test

A robus t cabinet for s afe us e in hars h indoor environm ents , like ins ide factories and res taurants .

C E 52LH2R / C E 42LH2R

Protective Acrylic Panel

Robust Cabinet Design

The hard-coat acrylic panel on the front of the screen resists scratches and protects the LCD panel surface.

The corrosion-resistant aluminum cabinet structure and the protective acrylic panel on the LCD screen ensure high robustness. The cabinet with no vents reduces the possibility of dust and other particles entering the cabinet.

Installation Examples

S A N Y O Public Dis plays at W ork in Various S ituations and A pplications

At the entrance of a department store

On a golf course

In a factory

The display can be installed as digital signage indoors or out, and ensures high visibility.

The display shows course maps and facility guidance.

Its dust and sand resistance allows outdoor installation.

The display helps control production lines. Its dust and particle

resistance allows it to withstand severe factory environments.

Photographs are simulated images.

P ID -4 2 A S 1

A trans flective LCD panel for daylight readability in bright places .

Daylight Readability

Outside light

B acklight

Warning: Do not place the LCD display in direct sunlight. The product cannot be guaranteed for use under direct sunlight.

High Perform ance and Convenience for Digital S ignage and

Pres entation U s e.

Standard Display

P ID -4 2 A E 1

A s tandard dis play with s uperior, beautiful full-HD im ages .

Features Common to Both AS and AE Models

Full-HD LCD Panel

The full-HD LCD panel has about twice as many pixels as a conventional WXGA panel.

It reproduces both still and motion images with superb detail.

Conventional WXGA panel

PID-42 AS1 PID-42AE1 ( Full HD panel)

Portrait or Landscape Installation

The display can be used in either portrait or landscape orientation to match the installation conditions and the images to be displayed.

Slim , Light weight Design

The cabinet is made of plastic to reduce both thickness (about 10 cm) and weight

Versatile Input Terminals

Note: See page 9 for details.

Photographs are simulated images.

Divers e Functions and Interfaces Provide a W ide R ange of Digital S ignage S olutions .

Picture A djus tm ents

Dis play F