Samsung 66988 Cell Phone User Manual

Searching for GSM networks that support data access:

In the event that your Samsung ACE smartphone is set to GSM and doesnt automatically select a network that supports data access (email and browser), you will need to do the following:

Ensure that your smartphone is set to Manual selection in the Intl GSM menu:

Select Start

Go to International Usage

Your smartphone should be set to Intl GSM

If so, select Phone Settings

Go to Networks

Confirm that Network Selection is set to Manual

If selection is set to Manual, continue with the following steps:

Select Menu

Go to Find a Network and press OK

Your smartphone will search for all available networks in the area. Select individual networks one by one until you are able to log on to one that allows data (GPRS) usage. Data connectivity can be confirmed by locating the G icon on the status bar. networks that support data.

How to make calls

Making calls from another country:

To make local calls or to place a call within a country, follow the local dialing method.

To make international calls, you need to use the international dialing code used in that country.

Caribbean, use the same method that you would to place a long distance call in Canada. most of the

In GSM, you dont need to know the international dialing code. You can replace it with the + symbol.

To get the + symbol, press and hold the [0+] key until the + symbol appears.

In CDMA, the international dialing codes are:

Hong Kong, South Korea, Thailand

Other CDMA countries

From other

Type of call

Local calls (area code+number)

Miami to Miami:


Long distance calls, including calls back to Canada (1+area code+number)

Bermuda to Toronto:

1 416 XXX XXXX

International calls (Intl dialing code+country code+city/area