ResMed S9 VPAP S Sleep Apnea Machine user manual

Allows you to scroll through the menu and change settings. Pushing the dial allows you to enter into a menu and confirm your choice.

Setup menu

Adjusting ramp time

Designed to make the beginning of treatment more comfortable, ramp time is the period during which the pressure increases from a low start pressure to the treatment pressure. To adjust your ramp time:

1. From your HOME screen, turn until the RAMP screen is displayed

The selection is highlighted in the ramp time you require is displayed. confirm your

Using mask-fit

You can use mask-fit to help you fit your mask properly. This feature delivers treatment pressure for a three-minute period, prior to starting treatment, during which you can check and adjust your mask-fit to minimise leaks.

1. Fit your mask as described in the mask user guide.

2. From your home screen, push and hold for three seconds. One of the following MASK FIT screens is displayed:

3. If necessary, adjust your mask, mask cushion and headgear until you have a Good mask-fit.

After three minutes, the pressure reverts to the set pressure and treatment will begin. You can end mask-fit at any time by pressing

S9 Essentials

S9 Essentials is designed to make device interaction and menu navigation easier for you. If enabled by the clinician, S9 Essentials disables the Info and Setup functionality so that you can simply start and stop therapy and adjust ramp, humidification and Climate Control.

Selecting the mask type

To select your type of mask:

1. Press . The SETTINGS screen is displayed. until Mask is displayed in blue.

. The selection is highlighted in orange. until the mask setting that you require is displayed. to return to the

HOME screen. to confirm your

Note: Selecting the mask type is not possible if S9 Essentials has been enabled by your clinician.

Getting started

Make sure the power is connected.

Adjust the ramp time if required.

Fit your mask as described in your mask user guide.

To start therapy, simply breathe into the mask and/or press

Lie down and arrange the air tubing so that it is free to move if you turn in your sleep.

6. To stop treatment at any time, remove your mask and/or press

If your clinician has enabled SmartStart your device will start automatically when you breathe into the mask and stop automatically when you remove the mask.

If power is interru