Precisionaire PB1003 Air Cleaner User Manual

2. Operation down to zero velocity is satisfactory for all models.

3. Efficiencies are average and are based on ASHRAE Standard 52.1 and 52.2 dust spot test methods.

Performance values stated may be averages typical of the products listed. Contact factory for actual performance test reports on specific products.

4. Perfmormance values shown in this publication may be averages or estimates intended to generally represent product styles. Always contact factory for latest actual test data on specific Flanders Precisionaire models.

Guide Specifications

1.0 General

1.1 High temperature rigid filters shall be

PrecisionCell HT separator type as manufactured by Flanders.

2.3 Expanded metal aluminized steel faceguards shall be installed on the air entering and air leaving sides.

1.2 Filter sizes and temperature ranges shall be as scheduled on the drawings.

2.4 A 1/2 T strap shall be installed on the downstream side and 1/2 horizontal strap on the air entering side.

2.0 Filter Construction

3.0 Performance

2.1 Filters shall be constructed by pleating a continuous sheet of wet-laid micro-fine glass media into closely spaced pleats with hemmed-edge corrugated aluminum separators.

3.1 Initial and final resistance shall not exceed the scheduled values.

2.2 The filter pack shall be sealed into a 24 ga. aluminized steel frame with fire-retardant

3.3 The manufacturer shall guarantee performance as outlined in section 7.4 of ARI Standard 800.

3.2 Media area shall equal that of the scheduled high temperature filter.


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