Portsmith PS6HVE Network Card User Manual

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About the Portsmith Ethernet Cradle

The Portsmith Ethernet Cradle is a network connectivity accessory for Palm OS

PDA's. Through our Ethernet Cradle, users can download or synchronize with corporate network data, server-resident data, or access a live Internet connection. This user guide provides an overview of setting up and using the Portsmith Ethernet Cradle.

In addition to accessing data and the Internet, the Portsmith Ethernet Cradle also provides recharging capabilities on applicable handheld models.

Minimum Requirements

The following minimum requirements must be met for your network, PDA, and desktop

Dynamic host configuration protocol (DHCP) server configured and operational on the network

10 Mbps or 10/100 Mbps auto-sensing network connection

10BaseT Ethernet cable

PDA running the Palm Operating System

Palm M500 or M505 if you have the PS6PM5E Cradle

Handspring Visor, Visor Deluxe, Visor Platinum if you have the

PS6HVE Cradle

The AC power adaptor for Portsmith Ethernet Cradle

Portsmith Ethernet Cradle

A desktop computer with HotSync Manager installed and configured to use a local serial or USB synchronization cradle. This computer must also have a web browser and Internet access.

HotSync Desktop installed on the users networked desktop computer. This is

one method for the PDA to synchronize with the desktop computer over the

Other third party desktop synchronization software which supports network synchronization such as PumaTech Intellisync installed on both the PDA and the desktop computer. These applications provide alternate methods to synchronize the PDA with the desktop computer over the network.

Server-based synchronization software such as XTNDConnect Server or

HotSyncServer installed on both the network and the PDA.

Internet applications such as, PalmScape, MultiMail or AvantGo can be installed on the PDA and used to communicate through the Portsmith Ethernet

Cradle to an Internet connected network.

Chapter 1

Preparing to Use the Portsmith Ethernet

Installation Overview

Before using the Portsmith Ethernet Cradl