Philips SJM3200 Carrying Case user manual

Sports armband

For iPod nano

Workout with your nano

Protective design guards against scratches and is easy to wear during sports activities.

Ideal for sports activities

Wearable sports design

Moisture resistant

Convenient play-through window

Protect your iPod

Protective neoprene design guards against scratches


Sports armband

For iPod nano


Product highlights

EAN/UPC/GTIN: 87 10895 98577 2

Length: 20.5 cm

Width: 10.2 cm

Height: 5.2 cm

Gross Weight: .1 kg

Tare Weight: .04 kg

Net Weight: .06 kg

Inner Carton

EAN/UPC/GTIN: 1 87 10895 98577 9

Quantity: 4

Length (cm): 22.8 cm

Width (cm): 21 cm

Height (cm): 11.5 cm

Gross Weight: .5 kg

Tare Weight: .12 kg

Net Weight: .38 kg

Outer Carton

EAN/UPC/GTIN: 2 87 10895 98577 6

Quantity: 24

Length (cm): 66.5 cm

Width (cm): 25.3 cm

Height (cm): 24.5 cm

Gross Weight: 3.8 kg

Tare Weight: .84 kg

Net Weight: 2.96 kg

Issue date 2008-02-26

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12 NC: 9082 100 09251

EAN: 87 10895 98577 2

Wearable sports design

This case/armband combination allows you to enjoy your music while playing sports and being active.

Moisture resistant

Work out as hard as you want -- moisture resistance limits the amount of persperation the nano comes into contact

Play-through window

View your playlist and controls through a transparent PVC window. Enjoy full use of your iPod during vigorous activities.

Protective neoprene design

This lightweight neoprene case protects against scratches and normal wear and tear.