Philips HP6317 Electric Shaver User Manual

Ladyshave Body Contour

Ladyshave Body Contour

Follows your curves

This special Ladyshave closely follows the curves of your body allowing you to shave and trim to perfection on even the most sensitive areas. You can also style your bikini area by clicking on the extra trim attachment.

Adjusts to every body curve

Floating shaving head

Shave in or out of the shower

Wet and dry usable

Quick for legs & gentle for delicate areas

Two shaving heads

Easy trimming and styling of the bikini area

Bikini trim attachment

Optimal grip

Soft touch areas


Ladyshave Body Contour


Product highlights

Weight & dimensions F-box

Dimensions: 171 x 65 x 193 (l x w x h) mm

Weight: 253 g

Weight & dimensions A-box

Weight: 1755 g

No. of pieces per A-box: 6 pcs

Dimensions A-box: 400 x 181 x 219 (LxWxH) cm

Logistic data

CTV: 8846 317 01000

Pallet size: EU: 120 x 100 x 102, GB: 120 x 100 x

Pallet quantity: EU: 288, GB: 360 pcs

Number of layers: EU: 4, GB: 4

Number of A-boxes per layer: EU: 12, GB: 15

Technical data

Power source: Battery

Shaving foil: Combi

Material foil: Nickel

Number of guard teeth: 38

Number of cutter teeth: 36

Number of lamella: 22

Pressure trimmer (N): 2 x 1,6N

Pressure foil system (N): 2 x 1,6N

Rotation per minute: 7500 +/- 1000

Motor: 3.0 DC motor V

Voltage: 2 x 1,5V Alkaline

Housing material: ABS

Weight Ladyshave: 113 g

Colour: Strawberry


Leg shaving foil: HP6117/01

CTV: 884 611 701000

Sensitive area shaving foil: HP6121

CTV: 884 612 100000

Cutter block HP: HP6111

CTV: 884 611 100000

Issue date 2008-03-04

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Version: 2.3

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Floating shaving head

Adjusts to every curve of your body without running the risk of cuts and nicks

Two shaving heads

1) Extra quick shaving head for legs 2) Gentle 24K gold shaving head for underarms and bikini line

Bikini trim attachment

Bikini trim attachment for trimming & styling your bikini