Panasonic KX-TG473SK Answering Machine user manual

3 Press {STOP} to stop recording. s {OFF}

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You can connect your base unit and cellular phone using Bluetooth wireless technology, so that you can make or answer cellular calls using your phone system. For more details, please visit our

L Locate your cellular phone near the base unit. If the cellular phone is too close to the base unit during a cellular call, you may hear noise. For best performance, we recommend placing the cellular phone between 0.6 m to 3 m (2 feet to 10 feet) away from the base unit.

1 Cell line

2 Cell phone service providers


L The Bluetooth word mark and logos are registered trademarks owned by Bluetooth SIG, Inc., and any use of such marks by Panasonic Corporation is under license.

L All other trademarks identified herein are the property of their respective owners.


Link to cell

Pairing a Bluetooth cellular phone

For CELL 1: {MENU} (right soft key) (6241

For CELL 2: {MENU} (right soft key) (6242

L After the corresponding CELL indicator on the base unit starts flashing, the rest of the procedure must be completed within 5 minutes.

2 Your cellular phone:

While the corresponding CELL indicator is flashing, follow the instructions of your cellular phone to enter the pairing mode.

L Depending on your cellular phone, it may ask you to enter the Bluetooth PIN (default:

0000). If your cellular phone shows PassKey confirmation on its display, follow the directions to proceed.

3 Handset:

Wait until a long beep sounds.

L It may take more than 10 seconds to complete pairing.

L When the corresponding CELL indicator lights up, the cellular phone is connected to the base unit. You are ready to make cellular calls.

L Make sure that your cellular phone is set to connect to this product automatically. Refer to your cellular phones operating instructions.

Base unit: CELL indicators

A cellular phone is connected. Ready to make/receive cellular

Flashing rapidly

A cellular call is being received.

A cellular phone is not paired to the base unit.

A cellular phone is not connected to the base unit.

The cellular line is in use.

Phonebook entries are being copied from a cellular phone.

The base unit is searching for the paired cellular phone.

The base unit is pairing a cellular phone.

A cellular call is put on hold.

Handset: Link to cell display items

A cellular line is in use.*1

L When flashing: The cellular call is put on hold.