PANASONIC 6630 Cell Phone user manual

Please read your oneRoam Service User Guide first, and then refer to this insert as required.

Special Instructions for your

NOKIA 6630

Light Sensor

Power On/Off

Voice key

Change between handset and loudspeaker mode during a call

Selection keys

Perform functions identified by corresponding display prompts

Charger connector

Memory Card

Slot (Card not provided by

5-Way Scroll key

Press in middle to select, accept or activate

Clear key

Deletes text and

NOKIA 6630

General Instructions

Powering On Your Phone

Press and hold < > to turn your phone on and off.

This key is located on the top, right side of your phone.

Answering Calls

To answer an incoming call, press .

The <+> Sign

The <+> sign is obtained on the NOKIA 6630 by pressing

<*> twice, in succession. This symbol is required when dialing internationally, and in a few other instances referred to in your oneRoam Service User Guide.

Voicemail Access

Press and hold <1> to access your voicemail.

Changing Band Frequency

The NOKIA 6630 searches for the correct band automatically.

As you travel between Japan, South Korea, Europe, North

America and other destinations, your phone will automatically detect the band or mode that provides service in that area.

Locking Your Phone's Keypad

To prevent accidental use of your phone, press <> followed by <*>. Repeat to unlock the phone's keypad for use. (While your phone is locked, you can still answer incoming calls by pressing .)

NOKIA 6630

Text Messaging Instructions

You can send and receive text messages on your NOKIA

6630 phone. Please review your oneRoam Service User

Guide for general instructions, detailed examples and information on your Text Messaging address.

Retrieving Text Messages

1. Press < > for Menu.

2. Select Messaging, press <>.

3. Select Open, press <>.

4. Scroll to Inbox and press <>.

5. Select Open, press <>.

Scroll to read through your messages. Use arrows and/or follow prompts to view, delete, and save messages.

Sending Text Messages to another cellular phone

1. Select Messaging, press <>.

2. Select New Message, press <>.

3. Select Create Message, press <>.

4. Select Text Message, press <>.

5. Enter the phone number you are sending your message to. Type your message using the keypad, press

when finished.

6. Select Send and press