Nokia 3120 Cell Phone User Manual

Quick Start Guide

Nokia 3120

Setting Up Voice Mail

Please to refer to the Welcome Guide, which you received with your phone, for full instructions on how to set up your voice mail service. For the Nokia 3120, be sure to follow the Next Generation phone instructions and use 1111 as your temporary voice mail password.

Using Text Messaging

Text messaging is already active on your phone, and any messages you receive are FREE. This is means youre able to

Weather Channel. PC users can also send emails (150 character maximum) to your phone using your 10-digit telephone

To respond to text messages, its just a dime per message that you send, or you can get a money-saving text messaging plan if you become a frequent user. To switch to a text messaging plan at any time, simply call #TXT from your wireless phone and add the service using our automated ordering line.

Note: If youre sending a message to a stored contact, the wireless number must contain 10 digits for the message to be sent successfully.

Cincinnati Bell Wireless Internet Services

If you subscribe to one of our Wireless Internet plans, there are a lot of added benefits you receive including a free Fuse email box, the ability to personalize your service and better rates on downloads and data usage beyond your selected plan. If you choose not to subscribe, you can still try Wireless Internet and pay-as-you-go using our more limited service.

All the applications within this section require that you be connected to Cincinnati Bell Wireless Internet Service. To connect to CBW Internet Services, simply select Menu > Services > CBW Internet to access a menu of CBW Internet your preferences using your phone, select My Info (pressing the green Send key opens links) > More > Edit Settings.

Note: Downloadable games have a fee when you download and the kilobytes used to download the game are deducted from your monthly data plan. Games that you play online are free, except the kilobytes used while playing are deducted from your monthly data plan.

Email Service Overview

To access your email, select the Email menu option within the Cincinnati Bell Wireless Internet services home page on your phone. You will see two options: 1) My Email or 2) Other Email

If you are an existing Cincinnati Bell email subscriber (Fuse, Zoomtown, etc.) you can receive your Fuse or Zoomtown email directly on your handset, using the same email box, same passwords, etc.

Setting up My Email

The directions will vary for those with and those without an existing Cincinnati Bell email box (Fuse, ZoomTown, etc).

Those who DO NOT HAVE an existing Cincinnati Bell email box: customer

Select No and the following will appear: Set up your email address and password so you can take advantage of Fuse email while youre on the go. Select OK

Next you will choose a user name and a password.

Create your user name and a password. Passwords must be at least six characters long and must include at least one numeric character.

Once you have successfully created a username and password, you will receive a confirmation message indicating your Fuse email box has been created.

If youd like to access your email from a computer, you may do so by going to the following URL:

Those who HAVE an existing Cincinnati Bell email box (Fuse, Zoomtown etc.). customer

Select Yes the = key until you see abc mode instead of Abc mode.

If you see a message asking Fetch redirected URL?, select Yes.

Other Email

Use this option if you have email with a different provider (than Cincinnati Bell), or you wish to check a secondary

Cincinnati Bell email account (up to 5 secondary email boxes besides the primary set up in My Email can be accessed).

Select the Other Email