NETGEAR R4500 Network Router User Manual

Connect Wireless Devices to Your Router


Choose either the manual or Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS) method to add wireless computers, and other devices to your wireless network.

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Manual Method

Open the software utility that manages your wireless connections on the wireless device that you want to connect to your router (iPhone, laptop, computer, gaming device). This utility scans for all wireless networks in your

2. Look for the preset NETGEAR wireless network name (SSID), and select it.

The preset Wi-Fi network name (SSID) is located on the product label on the bottom of the router.

Note: If you changed the name of your network during the setup process, look for that network name.

Enter the preset password (or your custom password if you changed it), and click Connect.

4. Repeat steps 13 to add other wireless devices.

WPS Method

Find the preset Wireless Settings on your router and record them here:

Wi-Fi network name (SSID) ...

Network key (password ) ...

If your wireless device supports WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup)NETGEAR calls this method Push 'N' Connectyou might be prompted to press the WPS button on the router instead of entering a password. If this happens:

If you change the preset wireless settings, record them here:

Wireless network name (SSID) ...

Network key (password) ...

Press the WPS button

Select Wireless Settings to locate your wireless password.

April 2012

Make sure that the PC is connected to one of the four LAN Ethernet ports, or wirelessly to the router.

Make sure that the router is fully up and running. Its wireless LED should turn

Close and re-open the browser to make sure that the browser does not cache the previous page.

If the PC is set to a static or fixed IP address (this is uncommon), change it to obtain an IP address automatically from the router. product updates, additional documentation, and support.

For the free Live Parental Controls centralized Internet site filtering software for your

For additional features, including Traffic Metering, ReadySHARE, Guest Access,

For complete DoC please visit the NETGEAR EU Declarations of Conformity

For GNU General Public License (GPL) related information, please visit on the router.

Within 2 minutes, press the WPS button on the client device, or follow the

WPS instructions that came with your wireless device to complete the WPS process. The devi