NETGEAR ANT24BNA Insulin Pen user manual

500mW Bi-directional Booster

Power Injector

Installation Guide


This section introduces the NETGEAR ANT24BNA 500 mW Bi-directional Booster and the

NETGEAR ANT24BDC 6 VDC, 1.5A Power Injector and related components.

The 500-milliwatt bi-directional power booster for the NETGEAR ME103 802.11b ProSafe

Wireless Access Point increases the transmission signal from an average 50 mW to 500 mW and amplifies the signal by 10 dB (10 times) in receive mode. Use this when you want to maintain a single access point device to cover a larger area.

The ANT24BDC enables locating an antenna and a NETGEAR ANT24BNA booster more than 30 feet away from the wireless unit in a remote area where electrical power is not available.

DC power is supplied to the booster through the antenna cable by means of the power injector.

This eliminates the need to install extra wires. Moreover, unlike power over Ethernet devices, this configuration never needs to be reset.

The booster and power injector are part of a wireless system, including the access point, cables and antennas. According to FCC regulations, the booster can only be used with the wireless list of approved devices.

Power adapter

Installation Guide,

Warranty card and

Support information card

Wall and ceiling mount bracket and hardware

500 mW Bi-directional booster

500 mW Booster Package Contents

The package should contain

NETGEAR 500mW Bi-directional Booster for 802.11b ANT24BNA

NETGEAR PWR-10015-01 DC power adapter

Ceiling/wall mount bracket and hardware

Installation guide

Warranty card

Support information card

Power Injector Package Contents

Installation Guide,

Warranty card and

Support information card

Power Injector ANT24BDC

The package should contain

NETGEAR 6 VDC 1.5A Power Injector ANT24BDC for bi-directional booster ANT24BNA

Installation Guide

Warranty card

Support information card

If any of the parts are incorrect, missing, or damaged, contact your NETGEAR dealer. Keep the carton, including the original packing materials, in case you need to return the product for repair.

NOTE: To obtain optimal results in extending wireless range with antenna installations, it is recommended that a qualified professional installer service is consulted for site survey and proper installation.

Use a NETGEAR antenna cable of no more than 3 m between the Power Injector and the access point.

For optimal performance, the combined length of both NETGEAR antenna cables should not exceed 13 m. If the length exceeds 13 m, the overall performance will decrease.

Antenna cables have intrinsic loss at 2.4 GHz which can decrease range performance. The longer the cable, the higher its loss. To achieve optimal performance, use the shortest antenna cable you can from the antenna to the ANT24BNA booster. Cable loss between the booster

ANT24BNA and antenna in the transmit and receive functions cannot be compensated.

However, the NETGEAR antenna cable between the ANT24BNA booster and the wireless access point can be as long as 10 m without performance reduction. By the same token, a 3 m

NETGEAR antenna cable between the optional injector and wireless access point can be added without performance reduction.

In receive mode, the booster amplifies the signal by 10 dB with a low noise amplifier. This amplification can compensate for cable loss up to 10 dB (booster to wireless node only). In transmit mode, the booster accepts the 802.11b input signal as low as 5 dBm and amplifies it to 27 dBm (variable power amplifier). The typical output power of an 802.11b wireless node is 15dBm or more. So, there is a 10 dB margin to fully compensate for cable loss. The loss in the cable between the booster and the wireless node only can be completely compensated in transmit and receive mode up to 10 dB loss without any reduction of performance.

Placement and Other Important Considerations

Installing the Booster

Observe the following guidelines when configuring your Booster for 802.11b. In order to comply with FCC regulations you must use NETGEAR antenna cables (ACC-10314-01, 02, 03 or 04) with these products. These antenna cables are low loss and are ideally suited for the NETGEAR booster, power injector and antennas. Performance (range) can be drastically reduced if longer or higher loss antenna cables are used.

Turn off your ME103 Wireless Access Point and connect your wireless accessories according to the illustration. After attaching your new antenna, reconnect your wireless device to the network and turn it on.

Place the ANT24BNA booster as close as possible to the antenna with a short NETGEAR antenna cable. The shortest FCC approved antenna cable is the NETGEAR 1.5 m (ACC10314-01) cable.

Place the longer NETGEAR cable (up to 10 meters) between the ANT24BNA booster and the access point. The o