NEC PX-50XM4G Marine Instruments user manual

OSM Functions Picture (Contrast/Brightness/Sharpness/ Color/Tint/

Picture mode/Noise reduction/Color temperature/

White balance/Gamma/Low tone/Color tune), Audio

(Bass/Treble/Balance/Audio input), Image Adjust

(Aspect mode/V-Position /H-Position/V-Height /HWidth/Auto Picture/Fine picture/Picture adjustment),

Option1 (OSM/BNC Input/D-Sub Input/RGB Select/

HD Select/Input Skip/All Reset), Option2 (Power management/Cinema mode/Long life [PLE, Orbiter,

Inverse, White, Screen wiper, Soft focus]/Gray level/

S1/S2/Picture size/DVI Set up), Option3 (Timer/

Power on mode/Control lock/IR Remote/Loop out/

ID number/Video wall [Divider, Position, Disp. mode,

Auto ID, Image adjust, Power on delay, PLE link,

Timer]), Option4 (Sub. P detect/Zoom nav/Pic freeze/

Seamless SW), Advanced OSM, Language*, Color system, Source information

*English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Swedish,

Chinese, Russian

1222 (48.1")

Aspect Ratio


Pixel Pitch

1106(H)622(V) mm

43.5"(H)24.5"(V) inches diagonal 50"

1365(H)768(V) pixels

0.81(H)0.81(V) mm

0.032"(H)0.032"(V) inches

4,096 steps, 68.7 billion colors

622 (24.5")

Screen Size

For the operation of your plasma monitor, refer to

Operation Manual.

Units are in mm

The features and specifications may be subject to change without

*1 HD/DVD/DTV input signals supported on this

480P (60 Hz)

480I (60 Hz)

525P (60 Hz)

525I (60 Hz)

576P (50 Hz)

576I (50 Hz)

625P (50 Hz)

625I (50 Hz)

720P (60 Hz)

1035I (60 Hz)

1080I (50 Hz)

1080I (60 Hz)

* The 5-BNC connectors are used as RGB/PC2 and

HD/DVD2 input. Select one of them under BNC

* Compatable with HDCP.

Supported Signals

640480P @ 59.94/60Hz

19201080I @ 50Hz

1280720P @ 59.94/60Hz

720576P @ 50Hz

19201080I @ 59.94/60Hz

1440 (720)576P @ 50Hz

720480P @ 59.94/60Hz

1440 (720)480I @ 59.94/60Hz

Note: In some cases a signal on the plasma monitor may not be displayed properly. The problem may be an inconsistency with standards from the source equipment (DVD, Set-top box, etc...). If you do experience such a problem please contact your dealer and also the manufacturer of the source equipment.

Other Features Motion compensated 3D Scan Converter (NTSC,

PAL, 480I, 576I, 525I, 625I, 1035I, 1080I), 2-3 pull down Converter (NTSC, 480I, 525I, 1035I,

1080I (60Hz)), 2-2 pull down Converter (PAL,

576I, 625I, NTSC, 480I, 525I), Digital Zoom

Function (100-900% Selectable), Video Wall 4-25 multi screen, Self Diagnosis, Image Burn reduction tools (PLE LOCK1~3, INVERSE,


WIPER), Color Temperature select (high/mid/mid low/low, user has 4 memories), Control lock

(Except power SW), Auto Picture, Input Skip,

Color Tune, Low Tone (3 mode), Auto ID,

Programmable Timer, Gamma Correction (4 mode), Loop through interface, Plug and play

(DDC1, DDC2b, RGB3: DDC2b only),

Split screen operations


Remote control with two AAA batteries, Power cord, Manuals, Safety metal fittings,

Ferrite cores, Bands, Cable clamps


Meets EMC D