Monte Carlo Fan Company 5MYR56 Fan User Manual

Install yoke cover onto downrod as shown.

Thread black, white wire, and safety cable through downrod

Loosen 2 screws and remove pin with keeper for downrod, yoke cover and canopy to fit in yoke of fan.

Install downrod into yoke.

Align hole in downrod with hole in yoke and install cross pin. install cotter pin into cross pin.

Tighten 2 downrod set screws and lock nuts.

Remote Transmitter Dip swtiches

Remote Receiver Dip switches

Remove switch housing cap by removing 1 screw without key slots and loosening the other

2 screws and twist to remove.

16 Canadian mounting only

Set dip switches on the Remote Transmitter and Remote

Receiver to the same settings. This must be done so the units will communcate properly. If you have other fans you can set to control from one transmitter by setting both receivers the same as the transmitter. If you have more than one fan with remote. You can set the dip switches to different positiosns to h