Mitsubishi Electronics 340 Laptop User Manual

When positioning the system unit, monitor and keyboard, take into account any local or national regulations relating to ergonomic requirements.

Acoustic noise

German Acoustic Noise Regulation

Sound power level is less than 70 dB(A) according to DIN 45635

Part 19 (ISO 7779).

Die Deutsche Akoustische Lrm-Regulierung

Der Grad der Klangstrke ist weniger als 70 dB (A) je nach DIN

45635 Teil 19 (ISO 7779).


Safety & Regulatory Notices

This equipment complies with the following European safety standards:

Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC)

This product complies with the following European EMC standards:

EN55022 Class B

EN60555 Parts 2 and 3

To ensure continued compliance:

All ancillary equipment using an AC power cord must be headphones or external speakers), and communication cables, must be less than 2 metres in length. If cable extensions are used, ensure that adequate earth connections are provided and that screened cables used.

Use only Apricot tested and approved upgrades.

Failure to observe these