Lindy 32925 Switch user manual



Manuale d Uso


4 Port Version

2 Port Version

LINDY No. 32924, 32925 (2 Port Version)

LINDY No. 32926, 32927 (4 Port Version)


Packing List CPU Switch LITE Bundle No. 32925, 32926

Please read this manual thoroughly, and follow the installation and operation procedures carefully to prevent any damage to the LINDY CPU Switch unit, and/or any of the devices connected to it.

Lesen Sie dieses Handbuch bitte sorgfltig und befolgen Sie die hilfreichen

Installations- und Bedienhinweise um Beschdigungen des CPU Switch oder der angeschlossenen Rechner zu vermeiden.

Veuillez lire ce manuel attentivement et suivez la mthode dinstallation pour la connexion du CPU Switch aux ordinateurs.

Vi preghiamo di leggere completamente questo manuale e seguire le procedure di funzionamento e dell' installazione con attenzione per prevenire danni al LINDY CPU

Switch, e/o ai dispositivi ad esso collegati.

La confezione del LINDY CPU Switch LITE comprende:

1. 1 LINDY CPU Switch LITE

2. Due Set di cavi (4 per la versione a 4 porte) da 2m ciascuno.

3. Manuale dUso

Lemballage du LINDY CPU Switch LITE comprend les lments suivants:

1. 1 LINDY CPU Switch Lite

2. 2 cbles KVM (ou 4 pour la version 4 Ports) de 2m pour la connexion aux PC

3. Le manuel de lutilisateur

Der Lieferumfang des LINDY CPU Switch LITE besteht aus:

1. 1 LINDY CPU Switch LITE 2 oder 4 Port

2. Zwei Kabelstze (bzw. 4 bei 4 Port Version) 2m zum Anschluss der Rechner

3. Dieses Handbuch

The complete LINDY CPU Switch LITE package consists of:

1. 1 LINDY CPU Switch LITE 2 or 4 Port

2. Two sets of KVM cable (4 sets for 4 port version) each cable is 2m in length

3. This manual

Short Installation Manual

Switch off all devices to be connected.

Connect the CPU Switch LITE to the computers and to your keyboard, monitor and mouse using the appropriate

Switch on the monitor followed by the computers.

Dont switch the channels during boot up of the connected computers. For operation you can change the computer ports either by pressing the red push button or by hotkey from your keyboard: press the SCROLL LOCK key twice within less than 2 seconds and then use cursor up or down.

Additional information can be found under the

Installation and Operation Sections of this manual.

English Manual

The LINDY CPU Switch LITE allows you to access up to four PCs using one keyboard, monitor and mouse. The keyboard and mouse connectors on the PCs both have to be PS/2 style. By using this switch you can save on the additional cost of keyboards, monitors and mice. You will also save on desk space and eliminate the problems of using the wrong keyboard or mouse and all the trouble associated with this.

This unit is a pure hardware solution and will therefore work with all operating systems. This unit does not require any software installation. You simply connect the cables between the KVM

Switch LITE and your computers, and then turn on the computers.

The CPU Switch LITE supports two methods of switching between the connected computers: by pressing the red push button, or via keyboard hotkeys.

The CPU Switch LITE emulates the keyboard and mouse connections for all connected PCs permanently. This prevents error messages when switching between connected PCs.

Supports monitor resolution up to 1920 x 1440

Permanent keyboard and mouse emulation

Supports PCs with PS/2 type connectors

Serial Mice and connectors are NOT supported

Runs with all known operating systems

Connection with standard LINDY cables for SVGA and PS/2

No power supply required.


Before you start please switch off all the computers to be attached.

Apart from the PCs to be connected you will only need one keyboard, monitor, PS/2 mouse, and the standard connection cables to connect the keyboard, monitor and mouse ports of your

PCs to the LINDY CPU Switch LITE. If some cables are not long enough we recommend that the complete cable be replaced with a longer length rather than using extension cables.

Extension cables introduce additional plug to socket connections, which can affect the signal quality, please, bear this in mind when using high resolutions or long distances.

Connect the keyboard, monitor and mouse directly to sockets of the LINDY CPU Switch LITE. If your keyboard has a 5-pin DIN connector you can use a PS/2 adaptor (LINDY Art No. 70129) in most cases this adaptor will work.

Serial Mice with 9 Way D or USB connectors are not supported and cannot be used.

Connect the PCs keyboard, monitor and mouse ports directly to the appropriate sockets on the

LINDY CPU Switch LITE labeled with the appropriate pictograms. Then