Lindy 10 Network Card User Manual

Y IRQ Line

: Assigned by system y I/O Address

: Assigned by system

: Windows 98/98SE/Me/NT

Windows 2000/2003/XP,

Netware ODI for DOS,

Linux, Unix

: Speed, Link/Activity y Dimension

: 163 x 45 mm (for 64-bit Model)

120 x 40 mm (for 32-bit Model) y Temperature

: 32-131F (0-55 C) y Humidity

: 10% to 95% (Non-condensing) y Certification

: FCC Class B, CE Mark, C-tick,

33 Installation

(1) Hardware Installation

To insert the network adapter into your PC, follow the steps as below :

1. Turn off the computer and remove its cover.

2. Insert the adapter into a PCI slot.

3. Secure this adapter to the rear of the computer chassis and put back the computer cover.

4. Connect the adapter to the network using twistedpair cable.

(2) Driver Installation

Use the drivers supplied by the diskette included in this

product. For detail description, please execute the provided by this product.

44 Trouble-shooting

If you experience any problems with the adapter, please make sure the appropriate driver is loaded, the proper cable is connected to the adapter port and the hub/switch complies with the adapter specification, such as 10Mbps

10BaseT, 100Mbps 100BaseTX and 1000Mbps

1000BaseT, then check the LED.

The adapter provides LEDs to indicate network status.


The LED indicates the adapter is connected to 10BaseT,

100BaseTX, or 1000BaseT network. When the light is

OFF, it indicates that the adapter is connected to

10BaseT network. When the light is ON in green color, it indicates that the adapter is connected to 100B