Lightolier 26056 Indoor Furnishings user manual

Pipe Clamp 26056WHPC/26056BKPC

Ordering Information

Catalog No. Finishes Mountings

Approx. Wt.

26056 WHCY

26056 BKCY

26056 WHPC

26056 BKPC

ProSpec Track System

Ceiling, Vertical Wall and Horizontal Wall

Canopy mounted over a 4 Octagon Junction Box, Ceiling or Wall

5.6 lbs. (w/lamp,

2 lenses & crossblade)

5.8 lbs. (w/lamp,

(or other electrical box with 3.5 mounting centers. 4 7/8 dia. fixture canopy must cover J-box)

2 lenses & crossblade)

120V Mogul

(not included)

Matte White

Matte Black

Matte White

Matte Black

Matte White

Matte Black

Pipe Clamp: Fits Round Pipes. 3/4 to 1/12 nominal pipe size. Horizontal or Vertical pipe. 7.5 lbs. (w/lamp,

1. Track Attachment Fitting: Machined aluminum. Polarity is not a concern with ProSpec track because of its symmetrical positioning of circuits within the track, adapter is reversed to access one or the other circuit.

2. Steel Clamping Toggles: 1/8 thick plated steel with 1/4 - 20 thread secures fixture mechanically to track.

3. Electrical Post: .20 x .032 thick brass contacts enclosed in a high temperature thermoplastic insulator.

4. Clamping Knobs: Rotation of clamping knobs secures steel clamping toggles to track.

5. Lever: Solid steel. Energizes fixture electrically by 90 rotation.

6. Yoke: 1/8 thick x 1 wide solid steel.

7. Housing: 1/16 thick aluminum.

8. Lamp Adjustment Knob: Knurled steel. Can be moved in housing slot to rotate lamp 180. Knob is tightened to lock lamp in desired position.

9. Accessory Locking Knob: Knurled steel. Locks accessory cartridge in desired position after adjustments.

10. Lamp Access Knob: Knurled steel. Locks front housing to fixture.

Loosening provides access for adding accessories and lamp replacement.

12. Accessory Cartridge: Can be rotated 360 and locked into position.

13. Lamp Guard: Tempered clear glass. Required for safety.

14. Cross Blade: .07 thick x 1 3/8 deep steel blades matte black finish, removable.

15. Lampholder: High temperature ceramic mogul end prong base with high temperature #18 gauge fiberglass sleeved wire.

16. Fixture Rotation Knob: High temperature plastic. When loose, allows fixture to be rotated. When tight the fixture is locked into position.

17. Horizontal Lock: Steel collar when tightened locks the fixture in its horizontal position.

18. Lamp Guide: 1/16 thick steel. Ensures lamp is seated properly in fixture.

24. Visual Cutoff: 57 at 0 fixture aiming.

All painted finishes are baked enamel.

Options & Accessories

(2) Accessories max. Use 6 1/4 UV, PF, SY, LF, IR, AS, AS7LS and AL7HC plus

6 1/4 color filters.


Input to fixture must be 120V rms at 60Hz.

26056PC plugs into grounded parallel blade receptacle.

26056CY fixture wires: 18 ga. stranded SF-1. Supply wire must be rated at least

90C and min. 6 amps capacity.

Job Information

Lightolier a Genlyte company

631 Airport Road, Fall River, MA 02720 (508) 679-8131 Fax (508) 674-4710

We reserve the right to change details of design, materials and finish.

2005 Genlyte Group LLC B0705

ProSpec Track Lighting

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PAR56 Line Voltage

Lighting Data

Aiming Angle:

30 45 or 60 Horizontal 30 45 or 60 Vertical

L Beam length

W Beam width

C Distance to center of beam

D Distance

A Aiming angle

FC Footcandles

Beam Center

200W PAR56 NSP

MOG End Prong 7 x 9

200W PAR56 MFL

MOG End Prong 10 x 20

300W PAR56 NSP

MOG End Prong 8 x 10

300W PAR56 MFL

MOG End Prong 11 x 23

300W PAR56 WFL

MOG End Prong 18 x 37

500W PAR56 NSP

MOG End Prong 8 x 13

500W PAR56 MFL

MOG End Prong 10 x 26

500W PAR56 WFL

MOG End Prong 20 x 44

L and W are the outer points where the candlepower drops to 50% of the