LG Electronics -RD2630 Cell Phone User Manual

Phone Components

The following shows key components of your mobile phone.

Service LED

Headset Jack

LCD Screen

4 Way Navigation



Vibrate Mode Key

Key Guard Key


Charger Port

LCD Screen

Displays messages & indicator icons.

(the names of the functions of these keys appear at the bottom of the screen)

Soft Key 1

Used to display the function setting menu. Accepts the highlighted choice when navigating through a menu.

Soft Key 2

Press this key once in a menu, to go back one level.

Allows user to place or answer calls.


Used to turn power on/off and to end a call. Using this key, you can return to the main menu display screen.

When you press once, when a call is received, the phone stops ringing or vibrating depending on the mode it is in. Press twice to reject the call.

Alphanumeric Keypad

These keys enable you to enter numbers and characters and choose menu items.

4 Way Navigation Key

This Navigation key allows quick access to

Messages and Voice Mail notification messages.

Ring Tone,

Press to delete a single space or character. Press and hold to delete entire words.

Vibrate Mode Key

In standby mode, set the vibrate mode by pressing and holding the key about 2 seconds.

Onscreen Icons

The phone screen displays several onscreen icons which appear when the phone is powered on.


Displays the strength of the signal received by the phone and current signal strength is indicated by the number of bars displayed on the

No service

The phone is not receiving a system signal.

In use. A call is in progress.

* No icon indicates the phone is in standby mode.

Indicates that a Text Message or E-Mail Messges or Voice Mail has been received

In Vibrate mode.

In General mode.

In Silent mode.

In Alarm mode.

Charge level. Indicates battery charge level.

Using the Battery and Charger

Charge the battery fully before the initial use of the phone.

The phone comes with a rechargeable battery. Keep the battery charged while not in use in order to maximize talk and standby time when using the phone.

Installing and Removing the Battery

To install, insert the battery into the opening on the back of the phone, and insert the bottom of battery into groove at the bottom of the handset. Gently press down the cover until the latch snaps into place.

To remove, push the back cover down. Push the tab with one hand and lift the top of the battery to separate.

Charging the Battery

To use the AC adapter charger provided with your phone:

1. Plug the AC adapter into the electrical outlet.

2. Insert the round end of the adapter into the AC adapter jack on the bottom of the phone. (Make sure the battery is installed.)

As the phone charges, the battery icon continually