LG Electronics -IP3100 Cell Phone User Manual

Earpiece Volume

Battery Charge Level

Adjusting Volume During a Conversation

Using the Desktop Charger

Battery Information and Care

Phone Book Features 25

Personal Phone Book Memory

Basic Functions | 21

Turning Your Phone On and Off 21

Turning Your Phone ON

Find Speed Dial

Add New Entry

My Phone Number


Sending and Receiving Messages 28

Setting Up Voicemail

Retrieving Voicemail Messages

Accessing Voicemail From Another Phone

Security Settings 38

Displaying Wireless Web Messages

Lock Phone

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Change Lock Code

Scheduler Functions 30

Erase Event

Week View and Month View


Sound Settings 33

Audio Volume

Ringer Type

Tone Length

Silent Mode

Display Settings 35

Special #s

Erase PhoneBook

Reset Phone

Anykey Answer

Car Auto-Answer

Roaming 41

Call Guard

Calculator 41

Games 42

Mobile Hawk

Black Jack 2

Game Options

Service Features 48

Call Waiting

Call Forwarding

Screen Saver



Accessories | 50

Menu Tree | 52

Safety Guidelines | 54

TIA Safety Information

Congratulations on your purchase of the advanced and compact LG-IP3100 cellular phone, designed to operate with the latest digital mobile communication technology,

Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA). Along with the many advanced features of the CDMA system such as greatly enhanced voice clarity this phone offers:

Large, easy-to-read, 6