Lenovo K410 Personal Computer user manual

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Additional Service Information

IdeaCentre K430/K410Hardware Maintenance Manual

Chapter 1. About this manual

This manual contains service and reference information for IdeaCentre K430 & K410 computers listed on the cover. It is intended only for trained servicers who are familiar with Lenovo computer products.

Before servicing a Lenovo product, be sure to read the Safety Information.

The description of the TV card in this manual is only used for the machines which have the TV card. It is invalid for those machines which do not have TV card.

Important Safety Information

Be sure to read all caution and danger statements in this book before performing any of the instructions.

Veuillez lire toutes les consignes de type DANGER et ATTENTION du prsent document avant dexcuter les instructions.

Lesen Sie unbedingt alle Hinweise vom Typ ACHTUNG oder VORSICHT in dieser Dokumentation, bevor

Sie irgendwelche Vorgnge durchfhren

Leggere le istruzioni introdotte da ATTENZIONE e PERICOLO presenti nel manuale prima di eseguire una qualsiasi delle istruzioni

Certifique-se de ler todas as instrues de cuidado e perigo neste manual antes de executar qualquer uma das instrues

Es importante que lea todas las declaraciones de precaucin y de peligro de este manual antes de seguir las instrucciones.

Copyright Lenovo 2012

IdeaCentre K430/K410Hardware Maintenance Manual

Chapter 2. Safety information

This chapter contains the safety information that you need to be familiar with before servicing a computer.

General safety

Follow these rules to ensure general safety:

Observe good housekeeping in the area of the machines during and after maintenance.

When lifting any heavy object:

1. Ensure you can stand safely without slipping.

2. Distribute the weight of the object equally between your feet.

3. Use a slow lifting force. Never move suddenly or twist when you attempt to lift.

4. Lift by standing or by pushing up with your leg muscles; this action removes the strain from the muscles in your back.

Do not attempt to lift any objects that weigh more than 16 kg (35 lb) or objects that you think are too heavy for you.

Do not perform any action that causes hazards to the customer, or that makes the equipment unsafe.

Before you start the machine, ensure that other service representatives and the customers personnel are not in a hazard