Lenovo 59374135 Tablet User Manual

Turning Off Your IdeaTab

Press and hold the Power button on your IdeaTab for about 1 second. The

Power off pop-up window will appear. Tap OK to turn off your IdeaTab.

1-4 Activating/Deactivating the Display

Activating the Display

With the display deactivated, press the Power button on the IdeaTab to activate the display. The IdeaTab's display will then illuminate, indicating that it has been activated.

Deactivating the Display

If you do not need to use your IdeaTab temporarily, you can press the Power button to deactivate the display. Your IdeaTab will then enter standby mode to save power.

1-5 Screen Lock/Unlock

Screen Lock

You can set screen timeout by tapping Sleep in Display under

Settings. If there is no operation within the preset standby time, the display will automatically deactivate, and your IdeaTab will be locked automatically.

Manual Lock

If you do not need to use your IdeaTab temporarily, you can press the Power button for about 1 second to deactivate the display. Your IdeaTab will then be locked, and will enter standby mode.

Screen Unlock

When in standby mode, press the Power button on your IdeaTab to activate the display. Then, tap and hold the lock icon, and drag the slider over the unlock

IdeaTab A1000L - Chapter 01 icon, as shown in the illustration below.

Screen Lock Pattern Setting

You can set the screen lock pattern by tapping Pattern in Screen lock in

Security under

Settings. After this function has been enabled, you will

be required to trace a personalized unlock pattern to unlock the screen before you can use your IdeaTab.

1-6 Navigation Tips

: Return to the previous screen.

: Return to the Home screen.

Recent Apps

Advanced Menu

: Display recently used apps.

: Display shortcuts such as Preferences, Manage

IdeaTab A1000L - Chapter 01 apps, System settings and One touch clear.

: Display all available apps.

3 - Recent Apps

4 - Advanced Menu

5 - App Menu

1-7 Home Screen

This desktop enables you to quickly view and open your most frequently used applications.

In the Home screen, you can add shortcuts and change your wallpaper.

IdeaTab A1000L - Chapter 01

To add a shortcut to the Home screen, tap and hold the icon of the app in the applications list until it is added to the Home screen.

To change your wallpaper, tap and press any blank area on the Home screen for about 2 seconds. You can choose a wallpaper in the pop-up

1-8 Switching Home Screens

Your IdeaTab has multiple desktops.

Move through screens by sliding your finger across the display. Icons can be moved from one desktop to another.

1-9 Status Bar

IdeaTab A1000L - Chapter 01

System messages, if any, will be displayed on the Status Bar.

Information about Wi-Fi connections and reception, power levels, charging status, and other notifications are displayed in the status bar. to open the

Tap the status bar to display the notificati