Leica M165 C B Microscope & Magnifier User Manual

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Repairs may only be carried out by Leica

Microsystems-trained service technicians.

Only original Leica Microsystems spare parts may be used.

Responsibilities of person in charge of instrument

Ensure that the Leica stereomicroscope is operated, maintained and repaired by authorized and trained personnel only.

In most cases, we can provide special solutions on request. Some products can be modified, and we can offer other accessories for use in clean rooms.

Leica M series

User Manual

Important Safety Notes

User Manual

This User Manual describes the special functions of the individual modules of the Leica M stereomicroscopy series and contains important instructions for their operational safety, maintenance, and accessories.

You can combine individual system articles light sources, etc.). Please read the User Manual and the safety instructions from the supplier.

Leica M series

Before installing, operating or using the instruments, read the user manuals listed above. In particular, please follow all safety instructions.

To maintain the unit in its original condition and to ensure safe operation, the user must follow the instructions and warnings contained in these user manuals.

User Manual

We guarantee the quality of our products.

Our guarantee covers all faults in materials and manufacture. It does not, however, cover damage resulting from careless or improper

Symbols Used

Warning! Safety hazard!

This symbol indicates especially important information that is mandatory to read and observe.

Danger due to hot surface.

This symbol warns against touching hot

Failure to comply can cause the following:

Hazards to personnel

Functional dis