Leica L2P5 Projector User Manual

The battery must be charged prior to first use because it is delivered with as low an energy content as possible.

The permissible temperature range for charging is between 0C and +40C/+32F and +104F. For optimal charging we recommend charging the batteries at a low ambient temperature of +10C to +20C/+50F to +68F if possible.

It is normal for the battery to become warm during charging.

1 Jack for battery charger

Leica Lino 757665g en

Keypad and control elements

1 LASER key


3 Lock switch

Laser crossline

Horizontal laser line

Vertical laser line

Pulse/Power save mode ON

Battery voltage too low

Plumbing and crossline intersection point

Plumbing point

Laser switched on

Leica Lino L2

Leica Lino P3

Leica Lino 757665g en

Switching on/off

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Lino L360, L2P5, L2+, and L2:

ON: Briefly press the LASER key 1.

OFF: Press and hold down the LASER key 1.

Laser functions

Pressing the LASER key 1 activates the following laser functions:

Lino P3 and Lino P5:

ON: Move the Lock switch 3 to the right.

OFF: Move the Lock switch 3 to the left. not in Lock in Lock mode not in Lock in Lock mode horizontal and horizontal horizontal and horizontal horizontal only vertical all lines and only vertical horizontal horizontal only vertical again as 1x all points again as 1x only vertical only vertical again as 1x right/left again as 1x only plumbing again as 1x again as 1x again as 1x again as 1x all 3 points all 5 points horizontal and horizontal and only plumbing only plumbing

Leica Lino 757665g en

Self-levelling and Lock functions

Pulse/Power save mode

The instrument automatically levels itself within the specified grade range (Refer to "Technical data") .

Press the Lock switch 3 in order to transport or tilt the instrument beyond the self-levelling range. When locked, the pendulum is fixed and the self-levelling function is deactivated.

(only Lino L360, L2P5, L2+, and L2)

The instrument is fitted with a Power save mode. If particularly good visibility of the laser line is not necessary and you wish to save energy, you can switch the Pulse mode on and off by pressing the


To be able to detect the laser lines over long distances (> 15 m) or in unfavourable lighting conditions, a laser detector can be used. The detector is able to locate the laser beam in Pulse mode, even over long distances.

(Laser detector refer to accessories)

Leica Lino 757665g en


Leica Lino 757665g en

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