Kicker S10L7 Car Speaker user manual

10.66 x 10.66

Based on measurements of Dual 2 Ohm models

Important Break-In Information

Every Solo-Baric L7 subwoofer is individually computer-tested before shipment to insure the highest performance standards possible.

Like many precision machines, the Solo-Baric L7 requires a break-in period before it will reach optimum performance.

When brand new, the L7-series high performance suspension system is very stiff. After approximately two weeks of daily usage, the suspension will loosen, or break-in, to a point of equilibrium. This time period may vary depending on the amount of play time, volume level, and type of music you listen to. More play time, with medium volume levels and more bass content, will break in the subwoofer most quickly.

For those of you with more sophisticated audio equipment, the Solo-Barics can be broken-in on the test bench overnight with the following procedure.

Solo-Baric Freeair Break-In Procedure

1. Connect the speaker to a power amp of about fifty watts or more. The speaker should not be mounted in any enclosure - just freeair.

2. Connect an audio generator to the input of the power amp, and adjust the generator to approximatley 45Hz for the S8L7, 35Hz for the

S10L7, 30Hz for the S12L7, and 20Hz for the S15L7.

3. Now adjust the gain on the amplifier and generator so that the cone is moving to Xmax. This can be determined visually by looking at the

"blur depth" of the logo on the dustcap. A close approximation will do. On the S8L7 this will be about 3/4", on the S10L7 about 1", on the

S12L7 about 1", and on the S15L7 about 1 1/4".

4. Operate the speakers in this manner for about eight hours. A quick break-in will give acceptable results in four hours, and a very thorough break-in would be closer to 16 hours.

NOTE: Keep in mind that as the speaker is used under normal conditions the break-in will continue, so if you don't have time for the complete break-in period the speaker will still break-in itself under normal usage.

Solo-Baric L7 woofers are available with dual 2 Ohm and dual 4 Ohm voice coils. Both coils should always be hooked up.

The dual 2 Ohm woofer will give you a 1 Ohm or a 4 Ohm load depending on if the coils are wired in parallel or in series. The dual 4 Ohm woofer will give a 2 Ohm or 8 Ohm load depending on how they are wired.

The terminals with solid red and black markings are for one voice coil. The terminals with the white dots are for the second voice coil.

Parallel Wiring

Series Wiring

Dual 2 Ohm = 1 Ohm load

Dual 4 Ohm = 2 Ohm load

Dual 2 Ohm = 4 Ohm load

Dual 4 Ohm = 8 Ohm load

Solo-Baric cutout specifications:

Corner Radius for S15L7 1.0"

Corner Radius for S12L7, S10L7, S8L7 - .625"

Box-Building Notes

The cardboard suppo