Kicker KS350 Car Speaker user manual

Front Sound

Trunk / Storage Space

Screw mounting ring and coaxial driver into speaker cut-out and attach speaker grille.


Your KS coaxials were specially designed for Livin Loud out in the harsh automotive environment. They are made of advanced materials and construction techniques to maintain optimal performance for years to come.

Rear Sound

The sound produced by the KS coaxials is directional. Find the best location for stereophonic sound. If necessary, add more KS coaxial speakers to the system to help distribute and balance the sound. After determining the best mounting locations, carefully check the areas where the mounting hardware will be placed. See Figure 2.

If you are replacing factory speakers in their original locations, you may have to enlarge the speaker cut-outs and pre-drill new screw holes using a 7/64 (2.5mm) bit. Custom mounting locations will require more preparation and work. In either case, make sure the speaker will not interfere with the trunk and door opening and closing mechanisms, and the enclosed screws will not puncture the fuel tank, wiring, or interfere with any other mechanical parts on the underside of the mounting surface. Cycle the windows all the way down and up.

If the speaker cut-out locations require you to cut metal, avoid structural metal and braces.

If the door body and panel cannot support the weight of the speaker, an optional reinforcing ring (thin piece of wood or Medium Density Fiberboard) may be fastened or adhered to the door body. Mount the speaker to the vehicle as outlined in Figure 2.

If factory speaker wiring is not available in your desired location, it may be necessary to run speaker wire through the door jamb. The speaker wire should be kept away from sharp edges and avoid the possibility of getting pinched by the door. An existing grommet in the door jamb is the ideal place to run the

Stagger the holes for the wiring and use a rubber or plastic grommet to protect the wire from damage. speaker wire. If the factory hole and grommet do not exist or are inaccessible, you must drill a hole to run the speaker

Front Door

Front Dash wire through the door jam. Be careful not to drill into other wiring or door mechanisms. Any time a wire is run through a hole, it is necessary to insert a amplifier or source unit rubber or plastic grommet to protect the wire from damage as outlined in Figure 3.

If the supplied hardware is not applicable to your installation, some other means of securely attaching the speakers to the vehicle must be used.

Kick Panel

Please allow two weeks of break-in time for the speaker to reach optimum performance.



If you have any questions about the installation of your Kicker KS-Series Coax Speakers, see the Authorized Kicker Dealer where you made your

Technical Services (405) 624-8583 for specific or unanswered questions.