Kicker KS13 Car Speaker user manual

Speaker Design

High Frequency Transducer

High Frequency Transducer

High Frequency Transducer

Rated Impedance, ohm

DC Resistance, ohm

Sensitivity [SPLo], dB @ 1W, 1m

Resonance Frequency [fo], Hz

Power Range, Watts RMS

Peak Power Handling, Watts

Effective Frequency Range, Hz

Top-Mount Depth, in (cm)

9/16 (1.4)

9/16 (1.4)

15/32 (1.2)

Mounting Hole Diameter, in (cm)

1 9/16 (3.98)

1 9/16 (3.98)

1 15/16 (4.88)

Frame Diameter, in (cm)

1 31/32 (5.0)

1 31/32 (5.0)

2 11/32 (5.9)

Overall Depth, in (cm)

27/32 (2.15)

27/32 (2.15)

1 1/16 (2.65)

Tweeter Size, in (cm)

Tweeter Design

Tweeter Diaphragm Material

Tweeter Magnet Material

Outboard Crossover

Speaker Wire

High Pass, dB, at Frequency, Hz

Grills Included

If you have any questions about the installation of your Kicker KS-Series Tweeters, see the Authorized Kicker Dealer where you made your purchase. For more advice on

KS-Series Tweeters



Tweeter Mounting

If custom door mounting locations for the KS-Series Tweeters are desired, be careful to avoid interference from the window and door lock mechanisms. The first step is to find a location on the door panel that will accept the dimensions of the speaker. Then remove the door panel from the door, and check for operational clearance of the window. Cycle the window all the way down and up.

If metal must be cut to mount the speakers, avoid structural metal and braces. An optional reinforcing panel (thin piece of wood or

Medium Density Fiberboard) may be necessary if the door panel cannot support the mounting of the speaker. M