Kicker DS12L7 Car Speaker user manual

Outlined in Figure 1.

If it is more convenient to mount the enclosure along a side wall, put the enclosure on the left side of the vehicle as outlined in Figure 2. This orientation will make the vent point toward the rear of the vehicle and will produce the most low bass output. Remember to leave at least four inches (10cm) of room between the enclosure and the back of the

After determining the best mounting position, carefully check the areas where the mounting brackets will be placed. Make sure the mounting screws will not puncture the gas tank, brake lines, wiring, or interfere with any mechanical parts on the underside of the mounting surface. Turn the enclosure upside-down, pre-drill the holes using a 7/64 (2.5mm) bit and attach the four mounting brackets to the bottom of the enclosure using the supplied smaller

Front mounting, speaker faces rear of vehicle

At least 4 (10cm) from the vent

The Solo-Baric subwoofer enclosures are internally wired for a 2 or 4 ohm load at the speaker-wire connection terminal. Please refer to this terminal or the box packaging for your enclosures specific impedance. Check to see if your amplifier is optimized to drive this load.




At least 4

(10cm) from speaker faces opposite side of vehicle

Please allow two weeks of break-in time for the subwoofer to reach optimum bass performance.


The TS Series vented enclosure combines KICKERs award winning Solo-Baric subwoofers with computer-modeled and human fine-tuned enclosures to offer a level of bass performance never before thought possible from a commercially available, ready-to-install subwoofer system. The TS Series enclosure is available with a pre-loaded 10 inch

Solo-Baric L7.


The Kicker TS Series enclosure is designed to fit behind the seat of a pickup truck, coupe or wherever space is li