Kicker CX600.5 Car Amplifier user manual

Ventilation for the amplifier. If possible, mount the amplifier in the climate-controlled passenger compartment. Drill four holes using a 7/64 (3mm) bit and use the supplied #8 screws to mount the amplifier.

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The KICKER CX Amplifiers are capable of space-saving vertical mounting. Use a 2.5mm hex key (Allen wrench) to loosen the endpanel, remove the existing brackets, then insert and tighten the double-slotted brackets to the amplifier as illustrated.

VERTICAL MOUNTING amplifier side panel double-slotted hex screws

Wiring: Disconnect the vehicles battery to avoid an electrical short. Then, connect the ground wire to the amplifier. Make the ground wire short, 24 (60cm) or less, and connect it to a paint-and-corrosion-free, solid, metal area of the vehicles chassis. Adding an additional ground wire of this same gauge (or larger) between the batterys negative post and the vehicle chassis is recommended.

The CX amplifier has dual input sensitivity differential RCA inputs which will receive either high or low level signals from your car stereos source unit. A high-level signal can be run from the source units speaker outputs to the stereo RCA input on the end panel of the amplifier using the KICKER ZISL as shown (make sure you set the CX amplifiers input level switch to HI). Alternatively, the signal can be delivered to the amplifier using the low-level

RCA outputs on the source unit. Set the input level switch on the end panel of the amplifier to LO. Keep the audio signal cable away from factory wiring harnesses and other power wiring. If you need to cross this wiring, cross it at a 90 degree angle. source unit high-level speaker core conductor to amplifier

KICKER ZISL (optional) to amplifier source unit high-level speaker outputs

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Install a fuse within 18 (45cm) of the battery and in-line with the power cable connected to your amplifier. If you ever need to remove the amplifier from the vehicle after it has been installed, the ground wire should be the last wire disconnected from the amplifier--just the opposite as when you installed it.

External Fuse

Power/Ground Wire

KICKER Wiring Kit

PK4, CK44, ZCK44

(sold separately)

1 x 80 Ampere




24 external fuse remote turn-on

(see page 6) bare-metal chassis ground bare-metal chassis ground

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FOUR CHANNEL OPERATION with SUBWOOFER minimum impedance of 2 ohms per channel (AMP1, AMP2, and SUB channels)



(See page 6. CXRC not included.)

Surface-mount the CXRC remote using the supplied screws.

Remote cable passes audio; do not run cable parallel to power wires.

Connect the supplied 1/8th inch [3.5mm] patch cabl