Kenwood KDC-BT73DAB Car Stereo System user manual

14-1. Receiving a call

14-2. Calling a number in the phone book

14-3. Dialing a number

14-4. Calling a number in the call log

14-5. Speed dialing (Preset dial)

14-6. Registering in the preset dial number list

14-7. During a call

14-8. Clearing the disconnection message

14-9. Voice Control

14-10. Display of phone number types


15. Bluetooth audio (KDC-BT73DAB, KDCBT53U )

15-1. Before use

15-2. Basic operations

15-3. Playback mode

16. Bluetooth settings (KDC-BT73DAB,


Selecting a display type

Information display setting

Illumination color selection

Adjusting the Illumination color

Selecting a text display

Display & Illumination setting

12. General settings

14. Hands-free phoning (KDC-BT73DAB,


10-1. Listening to the Digital Radio

10-2. Service preset memory

10-3. Recall preset service

10-4. Service list select

10-5. Alphabet Search for service

10-6. PTY (Program Type)

10-7. Announcement setup

10-8. Replay

10-9. Digital Radio setting

10-10. Digital Radio initial settings

11. Display settings

13. Registering a Bluetooth (KDCBT73DAB, KDC-BT53U)

13-1. About the Bluetooth module

13-2. Registering a Bluetooth device

13-3. Selecting the Bluetooth device you wish to

13-4. Deleting a registered Bluetooth device

13-5. Bluetooth device registration test

Listening to the radio

Station preset memory

Auto memory

Recall preset station

Tuner setting

PTY (Program Type)

10. Listen to the Digital Radio (KDCBT73DAB)

5-1. Audio control

5-2. Manual equalizer control

5-3. Car type selection

5-4. Speaker setting

5-5. XOver setting

5-6. Listening position setting

5-7. Delay time control

5-8. Channel level fine adjustments

5-9. Resetting of DTA Settings

5-10. DSP preset

5-11. DSP preset recall

6. Listen to the iPod

8. Listen to the CD/ Audio file

Registering the PIN code

Downloading the phone book

Deleting the phone book

Displaying the firmware version

Switching between two connected cellphones

16-6. Bluetooth detail setting

17. Troubleshooting guide

17-1. Setting error

17-2. Operation/wiring error

17-3. Error messages

Adjusting the clock

Adjusting the date

Clock & date display type setting

Auxiliary input display setting

Muting the audio upon reception of a phone call

12-6. Demonstration mode setting

12-7. Initial settings

1. Before use

1-1. Safety precaution

1-2. Important information

Before using the this unit for the first time

To prevent injuries or a fire, take the following precautions:

Stop the car before operating the unit.

To prevent a short circuit, never put or leave any metallic objects (such as coins or metal tools) inside

This unit is factory-set to operate in the

Demonstration mode initially.

When using this unit for the first time, cancel the Demonstration mode. Refer to

Demonstration mode> (page 13).

The unit may not function properly if the connectors between the unit and faceplate are dirty. Detach the faceplate and clean the connector with a cotton swab gently, being careful not to damage the connector.

Adjust the volume so that you can hear the sound outside the car. Driving with the volume too high may cause an accident.

Wipe off the dirt on the panel with a dry silicon or soft cloth.

Failure to observe this precaution may result in damage to the monitor or unit.

If you experience problems during installation, consult your Kenwood dealer. clearly how the controls are used. Therefore, what appears on the display in the illustrations m