Kenwood KDC-307 CD Player User Manual


Safety precautions

To prevent injury and/or fire, take the following precautions:

To prevent damage to the machine, take the following precautions:

Insert the unit all the way until it is fully locked in place. Otherwise it may fly out of place during collisions and other jolts.

When extending the ignition, battery or ground wires, make sure to use automotivegrade wires or other wires with an area of

0.75mm2 (AWG18) or more to prevent wire deterioration and damage to the wire

To prevent short circuits, never put or leave tools) inside the unit.

If the unit starts to emit smoke or strange smells, turn off the power immediately and consult your Kenwood dealer.

Make sure not to get your fingers caught between the faceplate and the unit.

Be careful not to drop the unit or subject it to strong shock.

The unit may break or crack because it contains glass parts.

Do not touch the liquid crystal fluid if the

LCD is damaged or broken due to shock. The liquid crystal fluid may be dangerous to your health or even fatal.

If the liquid crystal fluid from the LCD contacts your body or clothing, wash it off with soap immediately.

Make sure to ground the unit to a negative

12V DC power supply.

Do not open the top or bottom covers of the

Do not install the unit in a spot exposed to direct sunlight or excessive heat or humidity.

Also avoid places with too much dust or the possibility of water splashing.

Do not set the removed faceplate or the

faceplate case in areas exposed to direct sunlight, excessive heat or humidity. Also avoid places with too much dust or the possibility of water splashing.

To prevent deterioration, do not touch the terminals of the unit or faceplate with your

Do not subject the faceplate to excessive shock, as it is a piece of precision equipment.

When replacing a fuse, only use a new one with the prescribed rating. Using a fuse with the wrong rating may cause your unit to malfunction.

To prevent short circuits when replacing a fuse, first disconnect the wiring harness.

Do not place any object between the faceplate and the unit.

During installation, do not use any screws except for the ones provided. The use of improper screws might result in damage to the main unit.



About CD players/disc changers connected to this unit

KENWOOD disc changers/ CD players released in 1998 or later can be connected to this unit.

Refer to the catalog or consult your Kenwood dealer for connectable models of disc changers/ CD players.

Note that any KENWOOD disc changers/ CD players released in 1997 or earlier and disc changers made by other makers cannot be connected to this unit.

Unsupported connection may result in

Setting the "O-N" Switch to the "N" position for the applicable KENWOOD disc changers/ CD

The functions that can be used and the information that can be displayed will differ depending on the models being connected.

You can damage both your unit and the CD