Kenmore Elite 71633 9.2 cu. ft. Top-Load Gas Dryer with SmartDry Ultra – Metallic user manual

An Easy, Breezy Laundry Day Take the hassle out of laundry day with the spacious Kenmore Elite 9.2 cu. ft. top-load gas dryer. Designed to treat your laundry right, this dryer with SmartDry Ultra technology makes it possible to get out of the laundry room and back to life after you toss in a load. Worried about the big event? With Steam Refresh, this gas dryer ensures your clothes will come out ready-to-wear every time. Lots of Room for Large Loads This 9.2 cu. ft. capacity perfect for family-sized laundry, from bedding and towels to jeans and school clothes Handle bulkier items, like rugs and puffy comforters, with ease Fresh and Ready Steam Refresh reduces wrinkles and odors from your laundry Smarter Drying Power SmartDry Ultra technology fine-tunes temperatures while also measuring moisture levels and adjusting cycle time and heat Quad baffles use an innovative shape to keep clothes tumbling and open for a better and more efficient dry A dual heating element fine-tunes heat levels to prevent over drying
Tools needed for all installations:

8" (203 mm) or 10"

(254 mm) pipe wrench

Flat-head screwdriver

8" (203 mm) or 10"

(254 mm) adjustable wrench

(for gas connections)

Adjustable wrench that opens to 1" (25 mm) or hex-head socket wrench

Pipe-joint compound resistant to propane gas

Parts supplied (all models):

Vent clamps

Leveling legs (4)

Parts package is located in dryer drum. Check that all parts are included.

Plastic putty knife

Caulking gun and compound

(for installing new exhaust

Parts needed (steam models):

Y connector

Tin snips (new vent installations)

Short inlet hose

Rubber washer (4)

1/4" (6 mm) and 5/16"

(8 mm) nut drivers


Inlet hose

If using a power supply cord:

#2 Phillips screwdriver

Wire stripper (direct wire installations)

Use a UL-listed power supply cord kit marked for use with clothes dryers. The kit should contain:

Tape measure

A UL-listed 30-a