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Multirnodule and the combination of ICE, iCS, iSBC, MCS, or RMX and a numerical suffix.

A108/0979/7500 FL

This manual describes and explains the features and conventions of Intel Disk Extended BASIC-80, as implemented on Intel Intellec microcomp~ter development systems using the Intel Systems Implementation Supervisor (ISIS-II), and on Intel

Single Board Computer Systems using the Intel Real-Time Multitasking Executive

This manual is written for users who require concise, complete information about

Intel BASIC-80 characteristics, and organizes this information into seven chapters and five appendices;

"Introduction" describes the general capabilities of BASIC-80, and its operating environment.

"Language Elements" describes the ways BASIC-80 represents its instructions, constants, variables, arrays, operators, and expressions.

"Entering and Editing Programs" shows how you enter text and edit it, at time of entry or after storage.

"Error Handling" shows how errors are identified, trapped, and used to initiate error-resolving routines.

"Disk File Input/Output" describes and sh0ws how random and sequential data files are created and used.

"Commands and Statements" describes each command and statem~nt in alphabetic

"Functions" describes each function in alphabetic order.

"Appendix A: BASIC-80 Error Codes" lists all BASIC-80 error messages, descriptions, and codes in tabular format.

"Appendix B: BASIC-80 Reserved Words" lists words that cannot be used in variable names.

"Appendix C: BASIC-80 Command Characters" lists BASIC-80 one-character editing and control characters and their meanings.

"Appendix D: ASCII Codes" lists ASCII codes and their meanings.

"Appendix E: Calling Non-BASIC-80 Subroutines" shows how to prepare and call

PL/M-80, FORTRAN-80, and 8080/S085 assembly language subroutines.

"Appendix F: Configuring RMX-80 BASIC-80" shows how to configure BASIC-80 with various hardware systems using RMX-SO.

Other Relevant Intel Publications:

The following manuals are required to use BASIC-80 with ISIS-Il or RMX-80:

ISIS-II User's Guide, 9800306, which describes how to operate the Intel

Systems Implementation Supervisor" operating system (ISIS-II).

RMX-80 User's Guide, 9S00522, which describes how to operate the Intel

Real-Time Mulitasking Executive (RMX-SO).

RMX-80 Installation Guide, 9803087-01, which describes installation and operation of the Intel Real-Time Multitasking Executive.

The following manuals may be required if you intend to call subroutines written in other Intel-supported languages:

8080/8085 Assembly Language Programming Manual, 9800301, which describes the instructions and directives of the 8080/8085 assembler.

8080/8085 Macro Assembler Operator's Manual, 9800292, which describes how to assemble (using ISIS-II) a program written in S080/S085 assembly language.

PL/M-80 Programming Manual, 9S00268, which describes the instructions, conventions, and usage of PL/M-SO, and how to create PL/M-80 programs.

ISIS-II PL/M-80 Compiler Operator's Manual, 9800300, which describes how to use the ISIS-II based PL/M compiler to generate executable machine code.

FORTRAN-80 Programming Manual, 9800481, which describes the instructions, conventions, and usage of FORTRAN-80, and how to create

FORTRAN-SO programs.

ISIS-II FOR TRAN-80 Compiler Operator's Manual, 9