InFocus X1 Projector User Manual

Shutting down the projector

Troubleshooting your setup

Using the remote control

Using the audio

Using the keypad buttons

Optimizing computer images

Presentation features

Optimizing video images

Customizing the projector

Using the menus

Picture menu

Settings menu


Cleaning the Lens

Replacing the Projection Lamp

Cleaning the Lamp Housing Screens

Using the security lock



Projected image size

Red LED Behavior and Projector Errors

The website also has technical specifications (an interactive image size calculator, laptop activation commands, connector pin outs, a glossary, the product data sheet), a web store to buy accessories, and a page for online registration.

Important Operating Considerations

Do not place the projector on a tablecloth or other soft coverings that may block the front or back vents. Do not use a non-approved ceiling mount. In the unlikely event of the bulb rupturing, thoroughly clean the area in front of the projector and discard any edible items that may have been plac