Husky A05051 Air Compressor User Manual

May be required.

Store flammable materials in a secure location away from compressor.

Restricting any of the compressor ventilation openings will cause serious overheating and could cause fire.

Never place objects against or on top of compressor. Operate compressor in an open area at least 12 inches away from any wall or obstruction that would restrict the flow of fresh air to the ventilation openings.

Operate compressor in a clean, dry well ventilated area. Do not operate unit indoors or in any confined area.

Unattended operation of this product could result in personal injury or property damage. To reduce the risk of fire, do not allow the compressor to operate unattended.

Always remain in attendance with the product when it is operating.

Always disconnect electrical power by placing the Off/Auto-On to the "Off" position and drain tank daily or after

WARNING: Risk of Bursting

Air Tank: The following conditions could lead to a weakening of the tank, and result in a violent tank explosion and could cause property damage or serious injury.

What Could Happen

How To Prevent It

Drain tank daily or after each use. If tank develops a leak, replace it immediately with a new tank or replace the entire compressor.

Failure to properly drain condensed water from tank, causing rust and thinning of the steel tank.

Modifications or attempted repairs to

Unauthorized modifications to the unloader valve, safety valve, or any other components which control tank

Excessive vibration can weaken the air tank and cause rupture or


Exceeding the pressure rating of air tools, spray guns, air operated accessories, tires, and other inflatables can cause them to explode or fly apart, and could result in serious injury.

Never drill into, weld, or make any modifications to the tank or its attachments.

The tank is designed to withstand specific operating pressures. Never make adjustments or parts substitutions to alter the factory set operating pressures.

For essential control of air pressure, you