Hunter Fan 30195 Air Cleaner User Manual

Thank you for purchasing the PermaLife Air

Purification System from Hunter Fan Company.

You have purchased our latest development in portable Air Purification Systems. This system has been developed to improve the quality of the air you breathe.

4. Place the front grill back onto the unit. First, line up the tabs on the bottom of the grill with the openings on the purifier base and then push the top of the grill forward until it is closed. NOTE: This unit will not operate unless the grill is in the correct position.

Our PermaLife Air Purification System out performs other air purification systems by

2012 Hunter Fan Company

5. Plug the unit into a 120V electrical outlet.

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counter, rotate the calendar ring to align the filter symbol ( ) with the month that you installed the filter. Since the filter is designed for 6 months use, the second indicator ( ) will serve as a reminder to clean the filter every 6 months. If the PermaLife filter ( ) is cleaned in April, then the filter would need to be cleaned again ( ) in


On/Speed Control: Rotate the Speed Control knob to set the desired speed.

Low speed - Recommended for use when soft background noise is unwanted.

Pre-filter Calendar: The outer knob of the filter calendar is the pre-filter counter. To use, align the pre-filter symbol ( ) on the ring with the month that you installed the pre-filter. The replacement symbol ( ) on the outer knob points to the month in which you should install a new pre-filter. The pre-filter is designed for 3 months of usage. Replacing the pre-filter ( ) in

July means the filter would need to be replaced again ( ) in October.

Medium speed - Typical usage setting.

Soft background noise is not an issue.

High speed - Use when quick, effici