Honeywell F52F Air Cleaner user manual

If your air cleaner is equipped with a wall-mounted W8600E Solid State

Performance Indicator (see page 2), the ON LED will be on whenever the air cleaner is in operation. Of course, the system fan will also be running.

You may hear a snapping electrical arcing sound occasionally as the air cleaner operates. This is usually caused by a larger dust particle causing a high voltage discharge. The snapping sound means that your air cleaner is working as it should.



When the fan stops, the neon light goes out, as does the ON LED on the

Solid State Performance Indicator. The air cleaner is off until the heating or air conditioning and fan start again.

If you do not want the air cleaner to run, set the ON-OFF switch to OFF to turn off the air cleaner. Your furnace and air conditioner will still operate normally, but without the added benefit of air cleaning. Normally, this switch should be ON at all times.




Run the air cleaner as much as possible

For greatest efficiency, the air cleaner should run all the time. To do this, set the fan switch on your thermostat to ON, and make sure the air cleaner is switched on. The fan and air cleaner will run even when the furnace or air conditioner is off. Note: A manual fan switch may be built into the furnace fan controller.

The air cleaner itself uses less power than a

40 watt light bulb (two-cell model33 watts; single-cell model22 watts). You will also have the cost of running the system fan to consider.

Generally the added cost is more than offset by the added benefits of full time air cleaning and improved air circulation. Some people feel that room temperatures stay more even when the fan is always on.

Even if your thermostat does not have a fan ON position, you can obtain maximum available air cleaning benefit by making sure the air cleaner is always switched on so it operates whenever the furnace or air conditioner is on.

Keep the cell(s) and prefilter clean

Although the air cleaner is designed to be efficient over a wide range of cell loading conditions, regular cleaning is your best assurance of consistent performance. Also, a very dirty cell and prefilter reduces air flow and, in turn, this reduces the efficiency of the furnace or air conditioner.



regular cleaning

To ensure optimum performance from the air cleaner, the cell(s) and prefilter must be cleaned regularlyevery one to six months. Washing frequency will vary depending on the number of family members, pets, activities (such as cooking, woodworking, etc.) and smoking habits. Use the wash reminder schedule included in the literature package to help establish and maintain a regular cleaning schedule.

If your air cleaner h